Is it me, or is the classic Ultramagnetic 12″ “Funky” b/w “Mentally Mad” hard to find in MP3 form out there on the interwebs? I don’t know much about such things, but I was having a hard azz time even finding a scan of the label, let alone a cotdamn MP3. Well, I happened to burn the songs onto CD-R before selling most of my Hip Hop vinyl, so at this time I will share with you these two songs which are among my all time favorite Ultra joints.
Miscellaneous Ultra factoid that you may or may not care to know: the “MC Ultra” chorus on Ultra’s breakout single “Ego Trippin'” was provided by Bronx underground legend Keyboard Money Mike, who is probably most famous for being shouted out on BDP’s “Still #1”. Miscellaneous Phill Most factoid that you may or may not care to know: Keyboard Money Mike told me this himself back when I was considering signing with his production company back around 1989 or so. Well, some of y’all might find that schitt interesting.



  1. I find that schitt VERY INTERESTING! Keyboard Money Mike is mythical! Thanks for the Ultra – would did you think of the reunion joints?

  2. ps chase- i am not even up on the reunion joints. what, ultra got back together and did an album recently? OH WAIT… i think i know what you’re talking about. those videos that were reeeeeeeeeal wack, where they’re talking about some real simple stupid schitt? i did see those… i thought they were maybe parodies of what current rap is like, i don’t know what the hell was up with that stuff. i couldn’t decide if it was a travesty or genius material. ultra was always on some next schitt, so who knows. only thing i know is that i heard those songs like once or twice and never wanted to hear them again. give me Critical Beatdown anyday.

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