Yeah… like I have any idea at all what’s the hottest schitt of the moment… I barely listen to anything new anymore. But I did hear this record right here, and I gotta say it’s fresh to def. This dude Haircut– err, I mean Mayer Hawthorne– is kinda killin’ it I think. 29 year old white dude? Just the very idea of of it is fairly illmatic if you really give it some thought (I didn’t, but I suppose it would be if you did). I like this record, and it’s shaped like a Bobby Caldwell record too! I am now placing this vinyl up on my wall as the new centerpiece of my Stones Throw shrine- the Baron Zen album will have to come down, unfortunately.


  1. UHHHHH. I don’t remember the last time I had a song on repeat for this long straight. Copping the vinyl for sure.

  2. WOW !!!!Same on me ….feel it ..loop it ! Very nice music ..hopefully there will be an album …thanks for this.

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