Hmmm… I been postin’ a lot recently for a guy who was acting like he was one step away from suspending the blog indefinitely, huh? I think I’ve been invigorated by The Coming Of Obama… he’s gonna make everything better, not only in the United States but also in the world of THAT REAL SCHITT. And possibly on other planets and even mythological places like Asgard… I’m just assuming here. His influence is just that far reaching.
But anyway, today I’m gonna drop some obscure rap schitt from 1982 courtesy of a guy named DJ Magic Ray and some other guys who go by The Undefeated Three. The rhyming on this 12″ is pretty standard 1982 era no-name rap fare, but the beats are HARD. I bought this joint when it first came out and used to practice trying to scratch it on my mom’s record player… most of y’all are probably too damn young to know about it, but this was one of those old school record players with the little arm that holds a stack of records and drops the next one down after the last one gets to the run-out groove. Man, we used to f**k up perfectly good vinyl back then!
I’m giving you both the A and the B sides… vocal and instrumental with bonus beats. I’m almost scared to listen to this… it’s gonna make me want to squeeze into my extra smedium mock neck and Lee jeans with the permanent creases I used to wear back in ’82 (just say no, Phill).

EDIT: I did not realize that this Undefeated Three was the same Undefeated Three that was down with Tuff City Records and included the legendary Funkmaster Wizard Wiz– I just found this out myself from reading a post this week on what is quite possibly the greatest real schitt website to ever hit the interwebs, Unkut.com (respect is due). You can check the FWW interview here– it’s a good one. See that, you learn something new every day.

DJ MAGIC RAY AND THE UNDEFEATED THREE – Unity Rap with Bonus Beats (instrumental)


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