I think I want to be a photographer. Yep, I definitely want to be a photographer. I don’t know schitt about photography, but whenever I’m out and about I see pictures all around me. You know, like “damn, that schitt right over there would be a ill flick”. Been snapping stuff out in the streets with my little camera phone cameras for a minute now, which is cool but i think it’s time to graduate. Get a real camera with real filters and flashes, start learning about apertures and IS and the rule of thirds. I’m thinking like this: I’ll cop a decent camera that’s on the low end of the pro level joints and start reading up, learn all the basic ins and outs of photography. Then if I’m still into it after a minute then I’ll go ahead and drop the BIG dollars on some top-of-the-line equipment. Sounds like a plan, right? If anybody out there knows a thing or two about photography please feel free to leave me some advice on how to get started in the comments section. In the meantime, here are some of my little iPhone and Motorola Razr flicks. I like taking pictures.


  1. the one of the kid in the wolverine costume is easily the best. ahs a diane arbus feel to it.-sirus

  2. “Medium Format” is that high, high resolution. I’ve seen this stuff developed in a darkroom and it is quite a treat. Google “Medium Format”. It is crazy. You can go deep into the rabbit hole with this stuff.But you don’t need it. Just get the best megapixel digital SLR camera so you can change lenses and filters. Pick a price range and do it. Use Photoshop to your advantage and you will get results that anybody would call ‘professional’ as long as you have the eye for composition.Sure you could learn all about film and developing, but it all gets converted to digital in the end for publication so just go with a high quality digital SLR. You can satisfy your urges with crazy sideline telephoto lenses and such. You can look like a serious dude!I say this about photography while I love vinyl and hate MP3.

  3. Oh… uh…. yeah…. you gonna ebay some goodies for Christmas?You could get a nice camera if you offload some of that cumbersome vinyl with scribble covers. 😉

  4. hey, thanks for the insight Anonymous person! I am definitely NOT looking to get into developing and all that darkroom schitt… I know some people who are old school and still do that just because they like doing it, but most of the photogs i know have converted to digital. i don’t know much about any of it, but as of now all i want to do is shoot it, not develop it. i’m gonna start shoppping around for an nice SLR real soon (black friday sales maybe?)anybody else with tips please let me know whatever ya know. thanks again.

  5. We keep hearing about all the steroids in American beef, but this is rediculous!!! (Wolverine) hahaha! Dope picturesPeace from the Kool Skool

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