I thought maybe it was just me, but looks like the worst case scenario is true- pretty much all the old audio appears to have been wiped out by Z-Share. I think it has something to do with that alien spacecra- err, I mean that meteor that crash landed in Western Canada recently… yeah, that’s probably what happened. Something from outer space wiped out the Z-Share audio. Well, if anybody out there needs any of the old stuff that’s no longer available, drop me a line and I’ll see how much of it I can re-up. At some point I may try to just get all of the mp3s back up, but really, unless somebody requests something there’s really no good reason to even bother with it. Therefore… I probably won’t bother with it. But if you have any requests just hit me up and I’ll see what I can do. Man, do you realize how many pron links out there in cyberspace have now been rendered useless??? This is almost as bad a calamity as the collapse of the United States economy, I think even far worse. Why must I cry?


  1. Rest easy Soulman… this ZShare fiasco got a lot of us crying.Any chance you could get the Spaced Oddities back up here…?Keep up the good work my manPeace

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