I figure that my annual Hip Hop Lessons have taught the masses enough about the true meaning of Hip Hop that I really don’t have to go all out with the old school park jam tapes this year (plus whoever flooded the internets with all those Cold Crush / Bambaataa / Crash Crew / Furious 5 etc. mp3s over at the Wu-Tang Corp. and other sites gave y’all enough lessons to last a lifetime or even longer). But I will still celebrate the spirit of my original Thankstakings Day posts and drop another old school gem on y’all while I wait for the wife to finish cooking the turducken or whatever it is she’s cooking that has the whole house smellin’ good and schitt and got a brutha hongry as a muhfuhr.
This one is the second part of the Mr. Hyde / Mr. Bond / Starchild / Ronnie Green jam at Foster Center from 1979 that I posted previously (but has now been zapped by Z-Share, so until it gets requested and I re-up it, it’s gone). I’ve had like hundreds of old school tapes over the years, but I must say that this is one of my favorites. Not necessarily the best, but I just like the hell out of this schitt. No planned out routines, no harmonizing, no showstopping moments, just the basic essence of Hip Hop- mc rhymes, breakbeats and echo chamber. This dude Starchild, who I never heard of other than on this tape (I’m pretty sure this ain’t Kool Kyle), is crazy def with the nursery rhymes; Mr. Bond has the raw b-boy style; and Mr. Hyde kills it on a couple of occassions (Hyde definitely should be mentioned when you talk about the best of the early emcees IMO). And Ronnie Green’s beat selection is always fresh to me.
BTW and FYI, Jekyll & Hyde‘s DJ Ronnie Green is actually better known to some as Captain Rock (yes, the same Captain Rock who had a few electro rap hits back in the 80’s). Funny story about Captain Rock- me and my crew did a show opening for Captain Rock back around 1985 or so. We did our thing, then went out into the crowd to watch the good Captain’s set. Well, I guess Rock and his crew must have been moonlighting as male strippers when they weren’t engaged in teh electro rap because midway through their show they did this little choreographed move where they slightly lowered their slacks and… man, I can’t even describe it any further without being on some serious PAUSE schitt. I feel soft even admitting that my eyes saw this schitt happening. So I’ll leave the rest of that to your own imagination… I guess the girls in the front row liked it, though. Me, I just wish I woulda stayed backstage.

Another BTW- the pic at the top of this post is just one of the great back-in-the-days flicks by Jamel Shabazz. You should already be well aware of the brother’s incredible work, but if not Google up some samples and then buy as many of his books that your Paypal account will allow for. RECOMMENDED REAL SCHITT MATERIAL.



  1. Damn I’m late with this one Phil any how!! Thanks I think I already have this one somewhere I gotta check!! I’ll comment more later just happened to be changing some bookmarks over to firefox and got to your blog!!

  2. Great site!I wish i would have find this site a few months earlier. Great oldschool liveshows on here i've never heard before. I don't want to sound greedy, but there are a few liveshows i've missed that i would really like to hear. If you could re-up these shows (or one of these shows) i would be very thankful:– MR. HYDE, MR. BOND, STARCHILD & RONNIE GREEN – Foster Center, 1979 (PART 1)– BOOGIE BOYS, BUSY BEE STARSKI & DJ AJ, 1981– KING BOYS- live in Greenwich Connecticut, 1983– COLD CRUSH 4 – T-Connection 1979– COSMIC KEV featuring PARRY P – MLK High School, Philadelphia 1983Greetings, Jay-lo

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