I’m getting ready to get my egg nog on and watch some football today, but real quick I thought I’d put up the link to this dope ass holiday gift courtesy of I.N.T. so you can get up on it if you’re not already up on it. This joint is already on a lot of blogs but IMO it needs to be on this one too since I definitely consider it THAT REAL SCHITT. You can read elsewhere to get all the details on this project and the folks behind it (you know I’m too lazy to get into alla that), but it’s basically Christmas music chopped up Dilla style and graciously placed in your stocking by Santa just in time for the holidays. Hit the link and cop it for FREE DOWNLOAD before that damn Zwarte Piet gets to it- the muthaf***a be stealin’ schitt.

I.N.T. – Welcome To Christmas Wonderland


Yeah, yeah… I know I’m going the easy route with these cheap-ass “listening music” posts. No worries, I have some real posts lined up (complete with AUDIO, you greedy bastiches) and will drop them soon. Might not be ’til the new year, but I might actually have some free time during the holidays, so we’ll see. Until then, this is what’s been in the iPhone iPod (sad, but I rarely even listen to actual vinyl these days):

Eramus Hall – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Wee – I’m All Changed / Find Me, Love Me / Alone
Solaris – You & Me
Pure Gold – I Miss You
Starpoint – Wanting You / Starnite, Your Night
Ronnie McNeir – In Summertime
The Power Of Attorney – Loving You / Turn Around / No More
Marcos Valle – Vio Cego (WOOOOOOOOO! This is SO crazy on some Brazilian smooth schitt- thanks Reynaldo!)
Arthur Verocai – self titled lp
Gimmicks – Best Of- From Acapulco To Tokyo lp / Brasilian Samba lp
Ciara – Explode
Ryan Leslie – How It was Supposed To Be (I don’t know if this dude has any buzz in the skreets at all- I’m real disconnected to what’s going on in the current music world- but I like a lot of stuff he’s been doing lately)
Phill Most Chill – The Philly Phill Old School Album (might post this up one of these days if anybody cares to hear it, who knows)
I.N.T. – Welcome To Christmas Wonderland (very dope IMHO)


Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears (definitely my #1 schitt on the iPod right now)
Busta Rhymes – Arab Money (Remix)
Large Professor – In The Ghetto / Hardcore Hip Hop / Noyd (f/ Big Noyd) / To the Meadows / The Hardest (f/ Styles P & AZ)
Menahan Street Band – Tired Of Fighting
Eric B & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke
Vashti Bunyan – Rose Hip November / Train Song / Glow Worms
Hieroglyphics – 3rd Eye Vision lp
Donna McGhee – It Ain’t No Big Thing
Brooklyn Bronx & Queens Band – On The Beat
Ghostface Killah – Murda Goons / Milk Crates / Black Cream / Mama f. Keyshia Cole (this is a severely underrated song IMO, as far as some rap RnB collabo schitt goes at the very least)

Put me up on some other schitt! I don’t get out much any more.