I’m getting ready to get my egg nog on and watch some football today, but real quick I thought I’d put up the link to this dope ass holiday gift courtesy of I.N.T. so you can get up on it if you’re not already up on it. This joint is already on a lot of blogs but IMO it needs to be on this one too since I definitely consider it THAT REAL SCHITT. You can read elsewhere to get all the details on this project and the folks behind it (you know I’m too lazy to get into alla that), but it’s basically Christmas music chopped up Dilla style and graciously placed in your stocking by Santa just in time for the holidays. Hit the link and cop it for FREE DOWNLOAD before that damn Zwarte Piet gets to it- the muthaf***a be stealin’ schitt.

I.N.T. – Welcome To Christmas Wonderland



  1. No comments?!? Well, here’s me. I for one loved this mix and I get the feeling I’ll be playing this throughout the year(and Im not even a big xmas fan). This INT guy, I’ll be looking him up. Thanks once again for enlightening me.

  2. phil most chill !! wassup.. diplo here found ur blog ! after a minute i havent heard from u..check our site..http://www.maddecent.commostly bullshit there. but u r my hero ! u got mad pics on here from around my neighborhood! ill put out ur pics in a book keep em comin

  3. DIP! what up, baby! (i got superstars on the check in y’all!) what’s been goin’ on, son? i know you’re a busy man these days but stay in touch with a bro whenever you get a minute… hit me @ philasoul@aol.com. I’m gonna check out maddecent.com right after this.for y’all readin’ this, me and the bol Diplo go waaaay back… i used to do record drive-bys through Dip’s hood (extra gully style)!

  4. Phil, cool to see that the I.N.T. mix is being digged abroad. It’s from a Dutch fella (living in Amsterdam to be exact). He’s doing hip hop productions for a long time already. Anyway, your music and blog: BIG UPS!!(which reminds me to link you on our webpage). EZREDThe Netherlandshttp://www.vinyladdicts.net/

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