Sorry, Giants fans, but the NFC divisional playoffs are over and the Eagles just kicked your azzes. Arizona is next (Arizona? Arizona??? Oh, hell to tha naw, the Cardinals ain’t got a chance of stopping us from going to Tampa). I’ll get into this more after Kurt Warner gets sent fishin’, I just wanted to do a little bit of gloating at Giants fans’ expense.
Now, I’m sure many if not most of you who are coming to this site have no interest in good ol’ American NFL football and have no idea what I am talking about. That’s okay- for you I will just drop a rare classic old school Philly Hip Hop record, this one being the first Schoolly D record, “Gangster Boogie” b/w “Maniac” from 1984. This is the ORIGINAL original pressing, not the reissue 12″ with the yellow label that somebody pressed up after Schoolly School made it with “P.S.K.” and all that (if I remember right that re had all kinds of synths and keys and schitt dubbed on top… not THAT REAL SCHITT).
I did have a scan of the OG 12″ label but, alas, it was one of the many casualties of the infamous external hard drive disaster that went down ’bout a year ago. Couldn’t find a scan online (EDIT: actually I did find it courtesy of one of the great people over at the DWG forum and you can now see it here as was my original intention), so instead just look at the above picture of living legend Brian Dawkins, hear his words echo in your head (DOMINATION! SNOT BUBBLES! CRAZY EYES!), and, if you’re a Giants’ fan, begin to weep.

SCHOOLLY D – Gangster Boogie


  1. Cardinals are undefeated at home this season! They’re gonna smoke Philly like a blunt. I’m goin to the game, got my ticket already. .Thanx for the Schoolly D songs tho, hadn’t heard these 2 before.

  2. the steelers are waitin at the end of that road to tampa, homeboy. “that’s when ya lost…”

  3. DJ Tens- sorry homeboy but them redbirds got THUMPED in the desert by the Giants and the Vikings. Guess what? The Eagles just THUMPED the Giants and the Vikings the last two weeks in the playoffs. Can you say “uh-oh”, DJ Tens? Enjoy the game, my brother… I certainly will.<>E! A! G! L! E! S! EAGLLLLLLLLLLLLLES!!!!!!!!!!<>

  4. Soma45- yo Carm, I ain’t even talkin’ no smack on that one, I just want that Steagles Superbowl and we’ll see how it goes from there. Much as I want the Eagles to finally get one, Tomlin’s my guy and I’m not gonna be salty if he wins it all. Just get past the Ravens if you can… Ray Ray and them are gonna be out to kill over the way they got robbed of that last game to you guys.

  5. Ooops, I thought that undefeated at home stat sounded suspect. My drunk pops said that and I took it as the truth. Hahaha. Jumped the gun, but how often do Cards fans get to boast. Unseen territory. I still think we’re takin it.. Your still the man, been listening to your mixes for like 9 or 10 years. Nuthin but respect holmes.

  6. wow you eagle fans are bone heads, 5 weeks ago your saying hang mcchoke and now your singing the praises of that bum. Too bad you’ll never make it to the Big game and if you just happen to make it? You’ll just choke like the last time they allowed you guys to showed up…..hahahaHave fun gloating cause it won’t last long. At least we can say WE ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS can you?

  7. now THIS is a typical Giants fan… doesn’t even have the balls to say his name when he talks schitt. are you enjoying your vacation yet, loser? keep holding on to your past glories while the team that squashed your empty hopes for a Giants dynasty (“Giants dynasty”… I can’t even type that with a straight face) moves on to their destiny in Tampa. PHILADELPHIA = CITY OF CHAMPIONS. Face it, Giants fan- it’s over. BWAHAHAHAHA

  8. DJ Tens- I actually would be pulling for the Cards if they weren’t playing us… I can’t even imagine the pain that a long-suffering Cardinals fan must go through every year. They’ve played well in their two playoff games thus far… unbelievably well, like that’s not even the same team that played all season. It’s gonna end Sunday, but I still tip my hat to your boys for not foldin’ in January. Like the Giants did.

  9. Unbelievable!! Do you know what you’ve posted? Man I’ve been trying to hear this for an eternity!! It’s been posted many places but it’s that synth one you were talking bout!! This one brings back memories when I first bought my tables I copped two copies of this at Funk o mart since it was on sale for like a buck it was around 84 0r 85, I;m thinking 85 but we would trip off of Schooly and cut the beat, we thought Schooly had major problems, weed, alcohol, drugs man drugs!!He rapped so slow and wack compared to most m.c.’s that we were like who is this guy man but the beat was as basic as they come!!And look now it’s a classic!!Thanks for the postPS Check out my new site Phill over

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