Another one of those Soulman mid-nineties remixes, this one a flip of Betty Wright for Kool G Rap’s “On The Run”. Hey, ain’t nuthin’ messin’ with the “I Declare War” and “Enter The Dragon” joints, recently re-earthed from Marley Marl‘s vaults by my dudes over at DWG (holy grail… got it!). But you might find this joint kinda nice for your G Rap collection too.

KOOL G RAP – On The Run (Soulman Remix)


  1. One of your better pieces man…got me reachin for the pen ready to unload a heater.Maaaaaaannnnn, you of all people should know better than to gloat before an NFC champ. game. Rookie mistake, homie.

  2. Soma45- nah, not a rookie mistake at all, homie. Of course I know I could be wrong talking so much schitt before the NFC Chip Game, the thing is that I got the BALLS to do it and the cast iron stomach to eat my crow and digest it smoothly if the schitt don’t go right. IT’S NOTHING. Never confuse ya dude with the typical wuss who only talks schitt AFTER their team wins… that’s easy to do and is basically the definition of punk schitt in the eyes of a real G like myself. Talk it before the game or not at all- that’s <>THAT REAL SCHITT. <>

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