Some of y’all may have heard this before, but this is a joint I did a couple years ago with one of my favorite producers, DJ Paul Nice. Unfortunately right now I don’t know if this is ever going to get an official release, so here you go (Paul already put this out on the interwebs for public perusal, so i don’t think I’m violating by posting it up here). The Poughkeepsie King did a craaaazy nice job on this beat and it was an honor for me to get on it, so I just felt this needed to be heard by whoever never heard it. And Pauly, if you’re checking this post, I hope you’re doing okay. You’re a great talent, my man.

PAUL NICE featuring PHILL MOST CHILL aka THE SOULMAN – Never Stop Diggin’


  1. Love this track Phill – be great to see it on a 7 inch some day!

  2. It’s a serious burner. Wait, did you have something to do with the drum library releases?

  3. Quick question. Hopefully someone can answer. There was a son back in the 80’s called “Your Not Down” I think. I am trying to find out the artist. Some of the lyrics went: Your Not Down cause this girl wanted to have sex, but when you got but necked she said who’s next? Any idea who this was?

  4. tardlhmmm… i forget who that was… they recorded in the same studio that i used to use back then, Third Story Recording. It’s not the AKR I don’t think… hmm, the record was definitely on the Re-Up label… i’ll have to check on that one

  5. Man…I appreciate that old school phillie bol. I was looking for this chumpie for the longest. That was the jawn back in the day…Thx again.

  6. no, i didn’t have anything to do with the drum libraries, those were Paul Nice’s babies. the picture of the record covers in the expedit shelving shows both Soulman / Phill Most Chill releases as well as Paul Nice releases.

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