the author and THE ILLUSTRATOR and the musician…

Looks like I’ve got yet another cottage industry going here… custom art on record sleeves. I tell you, I may not be the greatest at this or the greatest at that, but you’re gonna be hard pressed to find a dude who’s done it in MORE games than me. If interested, hit me up at before I’m totally worn out (and before the price goes up… i’m tired).


  1. NICE. What’s next? How ’bout a series of custom Air Force 1’s?

  2. You know what i think of your Art PMC 🙂 you have made so many b-boys happy with your custom art recently, all the best from Skim over in the Uk

  3. those covers all look ill.straight connecting all the elements that made us love this culture!Big ups to you Phill

  4. Phill, your artwork (and music) has a real strong following over at DWG. Not many can claim to hold down each of the various aspects of hip-hop culture, but you got it locked!We’re all looking forwards to working with you again shortly… Thanks for all your support.Peace from London

  5. Hey, thanks to Drasar, a-one, Skim, uralone, my homie Chr!s, The Kool Skool and y’all anonymous folks for the positive comments. Yeah, I’ve always been down with a lot of different aspects of Hip Hop culture, as Chr!s said it, and not because I feel like I have to live up to all the elements or any of that but just because I loooooove this schitt! Always have, always will.

  6. u got my props those are sum of the illest covers i ever seen! peace from

  7. From the top…Phill knocking them toothless,Gripping a box booming roofless,Squeezing a cold 4 fifth ruthless,Gripping his mic tight in a pair of tights,Even you laughed, and with a fist full of ice,Making money rolling dice,Mad nice,Hey are these platform shoes,Yo,That bitch gave me crabs.

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