Since my bum-ass Philly Birds didn’t get it done again in the NFC Chip game against the lowly Cardinals (and I had to do some Kobayashi schitt on a damned crow carcass), I am not really feelin’ this year’s Super Bowl game. I’ll have it on the tube and all, but no partying or really getting into it at all. I will be pulling for the Steelers, though, for a variety of reasons: one, they reside in my state (PA). Two, Coach Tomlin‘s my guy. Three, Dick LeBeau is possibly G.O.A.T. Four, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Five, I’m still salty over the gotdamn Cardinals beating my squad. Six, I watched the Cardinals all year, and the Cardinals STUNK BADLY in so many games during the regular season it’s not even funny. Seven… my lord, we are talking about the Cardinals. WINNING THE SUPERBOWL. Zomg wtf ftw lullllllz lolol… the f**kin’ CARDINALS. Well, I guess the sun even shines on a dog’s azz every now and again, so anything’s possible. I got the Steelers though. What up, Carm… I’m rockin’ the Stallworth jersey today.

Listening music for Super Bowl Sunday- THE JACKSON 5 – Big Boy on STEELTOWN Records


  1. well thank GOD order has finally been restored and the NFL is starting to make sense to me again. If the Cardinals would’ve been world champs i think i would’ve lost all faith in the sport of pro football. Steelers had the toughest schedule in the NFL and made it all this way winning wars every week (including 3 bone breaking victories over Baltimore) and it just wouldn’t have been right if Arizona, who were terrible in so many regular season games and had a CREAMPUFF schedule being in the NFC West, ended up as the champs. Still, hats off to the Cards for ballin’ hard in the postseason. Larry Fitzgerald had the best playoffs that ANY player in NFL history has EVER had IMHO… that dude might be the best player in football right now, bar none. Dudes played their azzes off on both teams… great Super Bowl.

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