Yeah, I know… I’m slackin’ with the content. Sheeeeiit… like y’all payin’ for this real schitt. Until I find the time to post something else of interest, here’s what I’ve been listening to

Oh No – Heavy / Bouncers
The Juice Crew EP (DWG)UNBELIEVABLY great stuff here. The Kool G Rap cuts are better than a lot of the stuff that he actually released back when these were recorded.
Soma Candelaria – I Lost My Way (produced by Willie Evans)SONG OF THE YEAR. That’s how I feel about it, and not just because these are my dudes. For all the people who are waiting for Nas to drop another “Illmatic”, it’s never gonna happen so stop waiting and get with that new SOMA CANDELARIA album when it comes out later this year, in whatever format(s) it comes out in.
Sixto Rodriguez – Sugar Man / Crucify Your Mind It’s killin’ me that I can’t think of who sampled that “Crucify…” schitt… I know somebody did.
Steve Howe – Will O The Wisp
Starsky & Hutch OST
Taana Gardner – When You Touch Me
Gwen McCrae – All This Love That I’m Givin’
Stairsteps – Throwin’ Stones Atcha / Pasado / In The Beginningbeen diggin’ this “2nd Resurrection” album for a minute now.
Edwin Starr & Blinky – We’ll Find a Way
The Valentinos – The Death Of Love
Bessie Banks – Try To Leave Me If You Can (I Bet You Can’t Do It)
First Love – The Love I Had
Greyboy – Love (featuring Nino Moschella)
Pauline Croze – self titled lp & Un Bruit Qui Court lp
This was a nice “Shazam” moment for me… heard some music playing as I passed an outdoor bistro on South Street, whipped out my iPhone, utilized the Shazam app and just like that I discovered French chanteuse Pauline Croze. Real nice stuff for me, although I’m sure a lot of y’all rugged azz internetters would consider this “Starbucks music”… well, if that’s so then I guess I like Starbucks music as well as THAT REAL SCHITT.
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No / The New Holidays – Maybe So, Maybe No – I like BOTH versions, original and Haircut’s remake. I am still a real Soulman, though… y’all can’t fade me.
Blowfly – his first 5 or 6 albums
All the old ones, like “On Tour” and “Butterfly” and “On TV”, all that schitt… rocked those on the iPod while prepping and painting one of the bathrooms in my house last weekend. I hate engaging in menial labor, but Blowfly helped.


  1. <><>Anonymous said…<> try nas as who sampled sugarman<>umm… i did write that it was the “Crucify…” song that I couldn’t remember who sampled it, did i not? i know about the nas “sugarman” sample already. thanks anyway, my anonymous friend

  2. Soulman? What’s your favorite Blowfly? The early ones are great but I have to go with BLOWFLY’S DISCO, especially for that take on the Harold Melvin/Bluenotes track…trumps the original in my opinion.

  3. Yo JWF… I don’t really have a clear cut favorite Blowfly lp… i enjoy all the early ones pretty equally. I’ll have to revisit the “Disco” album… I remember liking something on there music-wise, but I never listened to that one as much as the older albums.

  4. As you already said, Large Pro sampled Sugarman for Nas, but he also sampled it for himself on his First Class album and for a cut for Neek The Exotic. Dope blog. Peace.

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