Since I still have a lot of stuff laying around here on cassettes and dats and reels and cd-rs that the world has never heard and will probably never make it to a slab of DWG vinyl, I may as well let off a couple every now and again. This first installment of Soulman Lost Demos from the 90’s features my boy Da’ Rage, also known as The Evil Eye Son Of Sin but may be known better to some of you from his work with UK producers The Nextmen as Soulson.
We actually go back as far as around 1990 or so, when we worked together on a “hip-pop” project for RCA Records (we also worked alongside world famous songstress Anastasia, BTW)- can’t mention what the project was for fear that some very astute digger may actually discover it, but the vinyl does indeed exist.
After that we stayed in touch and I even got my man to play the Tiplove part for some live shows we did in 1992 as Baritone Tiplove. Later on we got together with some other brothers and formed a little group we called Soul Brothers #9 (more on that in an upcoming blog post, no doubt). After that concept got derailed, we just recorded some demos at my crib, aka the Original World Of Beats (see picture above… looks like those record shelves are gonna collapse, don’t they? Well, eventually they did). We did a gang of songs and I did even more remixes to said songs, so I have a bunch of Soulson / Soulman joints somewhere around here in boxes or on shelves, just gotta dig ’em up.
Last I heard my dude got out of the Hip Hop lifestyle and jumped head first into the dance music world as DJ Christian James… I guess we’re talking about Trance and Electronica and all that kinda music which I really don’t know about so I’m probably not even using the right names. But anyway, here’s a couple of remixes I did for a song called “Baddass” plus a bonus joint with son gettin’ his freesteez on over the Mardi Gras-with-the-bells beat. If you like these and want more just holla…. your silence will motivate me to continue sitting on this schitt eternally.

DA’ RAGE a.k.a. SOULSON – Baddass (615 Remix) produced by SOULMAN
DA’ RAGE a.k.a. SOULSON – Baddass (Q Remix) produced by SOULMAN
DA’ RAGE a.k.a. SOULSON – Mardi Gras Freestyle


  1. Man these joints are crazee DOPE phil!!!! That Q Remix is that real schitt..dig more out MORE! MORE!Beat Detective

  2. I knew there was a reason you called this blog “That Real Schitt” cause this is that reeeeal shit!!!! Good looks on the tracks and please keep the fire coming…

  3. This stuff is great, your work is greatly appreciated and further drops of this manner would be phenomenal! Thanks.

  4. Nice one like the mardi gras freestyle will check the others, how many more tracks are there & when will we see part 2!Thank you for taking the time to put the tracks out.

  5. see, just goes to show that i have no idea what’s going on… everybody digs the Q remix, i dig the 615 remix. i’m clueless! if i knew what was up i probably mighta coulda been a big name producer like Dr. Dre or Pete Rock or whoever it was who produced that guy Rico Suave’s hits. To bobfarmer136, i have many many MANY tapes up in here. i don’t know what’s on a lot of them, but i did quite a few unreleased demos with emcees i knew as well as a lot of unreleased remixes back in the early to mid 90’s. So there will be more to come, stay tuned.

  6. Thanks for these. Don’t worry, you’re the one who got it right. The 615 mix IS the dope schitt.Any more would be highly appreciated. Thanks again.

  7. Yo RD- don’t worry, we should be covered on the LP. I’m gonna get with you on it soon… just need a little more time to try to dig up more of the OG tapes. IT’S COMING…

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