Gangstarr – The Ownerz lp – I remember being fairly disappointed with this record when it first dropped, but it seems to have aged pretty nicely IMO. If you’re like me and weren’t really feelin’ this back when it came out, I’d recommend revisiting it. Some of this schitt is straight bangin’, like WTF was I thinkin’ back in 2003 or whenever.
Sparkle Motion – Flight School Vol. 180’s R&B breaks mix by DJ Yoda and my man Tobes from Spinemagazine… real innovative idea and lots of hot Jheri curl juice beats! Download that schitt, it’s dope.
Slick Rick & Dougie Fresh at Lincoln Projects, 1984 – this was one of my favorite tapes back in the days… “Vanessa Williams” ftw! Now if I could just get a copy of the Davy Crockett schitt my life would be complete.
Treacherous Three1978 (live tape)- Troy L. Smith (the old school tape G.O.A.T.) does it again! Kool Moe Dee & LA Sunshine sound like kids on this (I guess because they pretty much were kids). You can d/l that and other old school live joints that Troy was nice enough to bestow on the populace over at the Old School Hip Hop forum – most definitely the place to be (you have to be registered to get to the trading section, which is where the magic happens).
Menahan Street Band – Home Again
KRS-One – Adventures In Emceeing lpKris has recorded a lot of stuff in the 2000’s that most people probably don’t even know about, but I like a lot of the latter day KRS material. He still can rap circles around damn near everybody, and whether you agree with what he’s saying or not you gotta respect a man who tries to put out thought provoking music (but, of course, this is teh ringtone rap age where thought provoking music seems to be the LAST thing that people want… oops, let me stop before somebody calls me old lololol lulllz lmfao smh).
Mobb Deep – The Infamous – I been deep on some ’95 era NYC grimey rap schitt lately
Ghostface Killah – Iron ManI have yet to tire of Starks in his prime.
V.A. – Walk On By and Look Of Love comps by RaymunI downloaded this schitt off of Soulseek, two homemade comps with a lot of versions of these two songs that I guess were put together by this dude Raymun. Well, I got STARTED downloading them- about four songs into the Look Of Love folder this muthaf***a decided to ban me! For no good reason! So I’m puttin’ you on blast just to strike a blow for all Soulseekers who have been banned from downloading without cause- that’s that wack schitt, homie.


  1. curious what you think of mf doom? i read your blog often, but can’t recall ever hearing whether you were a fan. heard his new album?

  2. i actually forgot to mention the new DOOM album, i’ve been rockin’ that too this past week. I’m a big fan of Doom’s stuff, “operation doomsday” might be one of my favorite 25 hip hop albums of all time and i dug “madvillian” a lot too. my man Jake One killed that “ballskin” beat (as he always does) on the new one. hope the doom / GHOSTFACE album actually materializes one of these days

  3. yo, what’s your name on soulseek? I gotta gang of doobie brothers and howard stern and such for trade…

  4. You always come through with what I need. Just saying thanks for all of your hard work.

  5. Yo Phill I didn't know you were still rockin' Soulseek. I pop on there very rarely lately pretty much because of people like that raymon dude. People love to showcase their shit and then ban you for downloading. Soulseek is loaded with this childish attitude now so i just look for shit on blogspots and rapidshare library. I just got that DOOM lp the other day ..ballskin & gazillionare have been on steady rotation. Keep up the blogs homie. It's become my replacement for the new rap mags that are out now. lol peace.

  6. damn…treacherous three live in 1978??!! gotta grab this shit! thanks again for all the treats!

  7. <><>Dick said…<>yo, what’s your name on soulseek? I gotta gang of doobie brothers and howard stern and such for trade.<>Hey Dick, i’m SoulmanWOB on soulseek… i need that doobie heat plus some rare Stern from waaay back in the dayz (any video from his old tv show- the original one, not the E! channel schitt- I can use especially). Really need the clips from the show where he played Clarence Thomas smokin’ weed

  8. I agree with u about KRS-1's recent output. He does reign supreme in a unsaid way.Also the Truth Is Forever mix is dope.Thanx 4 keepin it funky!

  9. hey chronwell- Kris has done a lot of songs that I like in this decade. I don't like EVERYTHING- probably not most of it (basically because of some of the keyboard beats he's rhymin' on). But when he's keepin' it raw, KRS is still capable of beastin' schitt. Honestly, a lot of so-called old school guys who supposedly fell off are actually rhyming better today than they ever have. It's just that the public basically is more comfortable with putting entertainers in a box, like yeah, we liked you back then but your time's expired, it's somebody else's time now. Regardless of how good you are right now, it doesn't matter- there's nothing you can do, we're not hearin' it. It's the stanky-leg era, if you're not rockin' like that then you must suck now (and if you try to do some stanky-leg schitt then you REALLY suck). That's too bad, because I think people miss out on some good schitt sometimes because of that mentality. What you gonna do, though… kids will be kids.

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