Just want to pay my respects to one of the more underrated legends of the Hip Hop game who tragically passed away last week, Trenton’s Tony D. I used to listen to Tony get on the wheels on WPRB and spin “originals” back in the early 90’s- you know, the old records that well known Hip Hop samples originated from. I don’t know if he was the first person to do it but he was definitely the first person I ever heard playing stuff like that. Definitely an influence on stuff that I would end up doing a few years later. We actually had the same legal representation / management back in those days and also did a show or two together- this was when I was doing my Baritone Tiplove thing and he was doing the Crusaders For Real Hip Hop. Don’t know why we didn’t get together and build like we should have, since Tony always repped THAT REAL SCHITT the way it’s supposed to be repped and made Hip Hop music the way it’s supposed to be made IMHO.
Me and Tony reconnected a little bit in recent years, and I last talked to him when he called me up a few months ago, asking my advice on how he should go about putting out some of his many unreleased productions. It’s times like this when you can’t help but think things like, “damn, I wish I woulda told homeboy how much respect I have for all of his contributions to Hip Hop when we had that last phone convo”, or “I wish I’d have gotten a flick when we deejayed at that record show together a couple years ago.” Life is short, people… don’t waste those moments. My condolences to his wife and family, and respect to Tony D. REST IN POWER.



  1. Wow. Is this the same Tony D that worked with MC Serch and was the DJ on the Bad Boys record w/ K-Love? (Grandwizard Tony D)

    R.I.P. Tony D. I've heard his name a lot in the 80's & 90's and never really knew who he was. I remember his name in the source for when Naughty by Nature ganked his beat and made OPP with it.

  2. There were a couple of different Tony D’s… I think the one on the Bad Boys record was a different Tony D. The Tony D who just passed was best known for his productions for Poor Righteous Teachers (Rock Dis Funky Joint etc.) and YZ (Thinking Of A Masterplan etc.)and his own records. And also for supposedly getting ganked for the O.P.P. beat. And for being the king of the random rap dealers on Ebay in recent years.

  3. Rest in peace to a real rap legend. A real digger, also known for a long list of random productions.

  4. tony d worked wit jazzy jay at one point, no?…mayb wrong tony d…but how can i get my hands on the old cutting record NV 12″ “The Incredible Ray” by Ray Roc and K.C.

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