Any NBA hoops fans out there checkin’ in at THAT REAL SCHITT? Probably not many, if any. Well, although NFL football is my number one passion as a sports fan, I follow teh pro basketball pretty tough too. Playoffs start today, and I got Cleveland and Lebron James to win it all this year. Why? Well, because I love the cohesion of this team right now… these dudes are TOGETHER (I actually thought about changing my pick because they’ve been going overboard with the clowning around on the bench- kinda juvenille and not the right look for a champion- but f*** it, they’re having fun and that swagger may actually help them when schitt gets tight). The Lakers will be hard to beat with Bynum back, but I dunno… I just like the Cavs, man. And as great as Kobe is, I like Lebron over him at this point in their careers. It would be a great matchup in the finals anyway you look at it (I don’t think David Stern would have it any other way). Darkhorses- watch out for those Nuggets out west. I’d like to see Atlanta shock somebody in the east… I think it’s possible in the 2nd round. Ultimately, though… Cavs over Lakers in seven (homecourt will make the difference).


  1. Have to agree those Cavs seems to be oozing confidence and playing as good as a team!! I like the Lakers however they don’t win convincingly a lot of night and I am not sure if all the players are playing at a high level they may make it but I don’t think that easy!!With the Celtics in the predicament they are in I have to say the Cavs as well the energy is very high!!!

  2. I’m down with you brother when it comes to the ” Eagles “….But the Lakers are going to smash up everybody….The Cav’s will fold when the pressure cooker get’s turned up a notch in a few weeks….

  3. Drasar, you may very well be right about the Lakers, i can’t argue with anybody who’s picking them to take it. I dunno, I just had a feeling about those Cavs… thought about changing my pick to LA, but nah, I’m sticking with Cleveland. IN LEBRON I TRUST

  4. Cleveland. That is hard for me to say, as I’m going to playoff games up here in Beantown- just like last year. And the lakers are going to find Denver tough. Boston should have taken the birdman. He would have been invaluable right about now.

    And don’t talk about the cavs folding. That’s the lakers job. And Bynum doesn’t exist. He’s Kobe’s imaginary friend. He’s never around in the playoffs.

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