Yes, I am now on Twitter– why, I have no idea. Actually I know exactly why- because everybody else who’s anybody else is on Twitter and I am a brainwashed follower. Really, though, WTF is this Twitter schitt all about, anyway? WHY is it the thing to do right now? I got on it for about ten minutes and felt nothing except an incredible urge to go do something else. I guess that’s the idea, though… go do something else- then tweet about it. Okay, but for real GTFOOHWTBS. Whatever… I’m on it so at least I know I’m cool. Anybody out there want to fill me in on why Twitter is the bomb diggy get at me in the comments or better yet just tweet me (pause) – http://twitter.com/PhillMostChill (I totally do not understand any of this schitt).

UPDATE: I added a Twitter widget or whatever you call it to this blog… you’ll find it on the sidebar to the left at the very bottom. I honestly don’t think it’s gonna get used too much, but who knows… maybe I’ll catch the Twitter bug at some point.



  1. Hey AC The PD…. not sure if I got your e-mail or not. I lose a lot of e-mails due to them getting mixed in with spam or just my own senility. How long ago did you send it? I’ll take a look

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