So on a day where you really haven’t done anything more important than to take a crap, do you tweet about that? Well, that’s what I tweeted about and here’s the pic of me tweeting in the john right after flushing to prove it (I know, I know… I got about as much couth as that girl spitting out the sunroof through her missing tooth that Doom raps about). Anyway, my current fascination with the Twitter craze is not gonna last for long, I can see that already. I’ll get back to posting up some old azz music in a minute.



  1. What up Skeme…. nah, see.. this is what it is: i try to never dis the new schitt, be it twitter, music or whatever, without at least giving it a chance. So right now I’m giving Twitter a chance, but for real? I was done with this schitt after my first couple of Tweets. I do not get schitt like this, man… i cannot for the life of me see what good this schitt is when you already have emails, IMs, blogs, message boards, texts, iphones, regular phones, stamps and envelopes, etc. etc. I am done with Twitter… I tried to live in the present and it pretty much sucked dog d**k, so back into the past I go…

  2. Word! I got one and “tweeted” once… Yet, all these major news networks, celebrities, the president, and your moms have one… I don't get it?… Having a Facebook and a Blog is enough for me, and I don't even really do this shit all the time as it is… Sorta wishful thinking, I guess?

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