And the custom art joints keep comin’… check me out on the ‘Bay, I’m ’bout to drop about 5 or 6 of my old vinyls for auction, CUSTOM COVERS included for all winning bidders. Getting geared up for that PMC lp on DWG, coming soon…


  1. Yo AC… what happened to that thing you were supposed to send me? I think you sent me a link with like 100 different mixes on it… no idea which was which (i wish i had time to listen through all of them… unfortunately i don’t have time like that). Let me know what’s up…

  2. yo Phill Most please check your email … I apologize, I didn’t mean to send you that link … so I sent you the correct link this time …


  3. how is soma rockin a redwings jersey???????? pens about to smash the redwings in the stanley cup finals…not cool.

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