A GREAT video, for those who have not already peeped this elsewhere. Jake One does it again. Sir Mixalot steals the show at the intro, doesn’t he? Very nice (since the Seahawks will again be awful this season, this is something that Seattle can actually be proud of… LOLOL). What up Jake!


  1. I'm clearly late to the game with this crew but isn't that Butterfly from the Digable Planets (appears around the 3:00 mark)?

  2. Ha, I thought that was Butterfly!

    Man, now that I've been livin' in Seattle for a little over 3 years now, I miss the East Coast. Born & raised, and lived in South Jersey for 25yrs… Salem, NJ… Would go to Philly every now and then… Listened to Radioactive on Power 99 back when it was hittin'… Anyway, yeah, Seattle's cool though… Real chill IMO… Gotta get back to the East Coast, all my family's there!

    Thank You for this…

  3. Sir Mix-a-Lot always gets me in the intro with a nod to the Posse on Broadway video, you all remember that jam, right? Next time anyone is in Seattle, after rounds of drinks head over to the Seattle institution that is Dick's, *cheap, *fast, *fresh (only three things on menu – burgers, fires, shakes – all done well). Get all the condiments with you burger, even the tartar sauce…mmm it works. But yeah, Vitamin D blesses the mic on this one. Dude is even better with his production skills. Ish just kills it on this track though. And Jake One brings that oowee with the production, beat, and sample.

    Links to more Seattle flavor:

    Tribal Music – Do the Math Compilation – Ghetto Children – Who's Listening

    Tribal Music – Do the Math Compilation – Phat Mob – Wrong Number

    Tribal Music – Do the Math Compilation – Infinite ft. Los (Vitamin D Production) – The Truth Hurts

    Tribal Music – Sinsemilla – Destiny

    J-Rocc's Walkman Rotatio (features a lot of Seattle talent) – Mr. Supreme feat. 3D – Any Last Words

    And then there is Mr. Supreme – the King of diggin' (as far as Seattle is concerned)

    Cancer Rising – Everyday Bidness (Perseverance dope track as well)

    If I blow up this post with too many damn links … sorry.


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