This is already all over everyplace and got the internets goin’ nuts but I wanted to put it here on THAT REAL SCHITT too. Because I got somethin’ to say on this. First of all- great track, Hov and No I.D. So sorely needed. What’s funny to me, though, is seeing some people who have been down with the recent trends in today’s so-called relevant rap world suddenly jumping ship. I hate hypocrites. Keep it 100, y’all li’l b**ches! You down with the stanky leg, ride that schitt to the end! If you were down with what my man Danny Dan The Beatman calls that “gay robot” schitt don’t bail the f**k out now that Jay-Z has proclaimed that schitt dead and stinkin’! I could actually have some respect for that. Have some conviction, suckers. I hate hypocrites and I hate fair weather muthaf**kas just as much. Other than that, if you haven’t heard “D.O.A.” yet check the link down below and have a nice day.

Jay-Z – D.O.A. Death Of Autotune


  1. Yo, I just had this same conversation with some cats yesterday about how alot of people switch their pitch when the trend changes instead of riding it til the wheels fall off. Alot of suspect schitt that goes down, it you was on it then stay with it!


  2. Yo what up Skeme…. yeah man, people just don't care or have a passion about schitt. Whichever way the wind blows, there they go. I will never get people who used to be down with THAT REAL SCHITT back in the days, dudes who thought Illmatic was the greatest album ever, dudes who jizzed theyself over every Primo remix and now they in the club doin' the snap dance and the chicken noodle soup schitt like they somebody's little sister??? CAN'T respect that. All them dudes will flip right back if and when that bullschitt plays itself out, you watch… lil hoes who will hop on the d**k of the month at the drop of a hat. A-ight, I'm-a stop now… just had to tell 'em why I'm mad LOLOLOLLLL!

  3. Just read that DJ Webstar has come out and called Jay an “Old ass hater”. Amazing how these people always resort to this type of a snappy comeback when you criticize them. Like, “oh, there COULDN'T be anything wrong with what I'm doing, the problem is that this critic is old and just hatin' on me because I'm younger than their old azz”. Can y'all dudes please put some extra weak sauce on those sour grapes? Y'all sound pitiful with that sorry azz schitt.

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