Just got interviewed by the homie Jonathan Paycheck for his Good Records NYC blog, so be sure to head over there and check it out after you’re done checking this out. Very nice blog and, from what i hear, very nice record shoppe (I have never actually been there because I don’t think I’ve even been back to New York since the store opened, but I will definitely come through one of these days). So yes, this is a ringing endorsement from your man Soul- although I have never set foot in this fine establishment I encourage you to go to Good Records NYC with fat pockets, buy all the wall items and basically any other album that has a nice cover until your fat pockets are depleted and THEN run up an absurd amount on your credit cards as well. Because, as we all should know, records are the truth. Money (and good credit) may come and go, but the truth is forever. What up Jonny!


  1. I think an album is in the works featuring all of his unreleased 1988-1990 era stuff, plus he might be working with various other producers doing some fast rap-style stuff. I may have heard that his man Rob X, a.k.a. Scratchmaster Rob, is recording tracks with him that are gonna become like the rawest Hip Hop album ever.

  2. yeah, those lakers are doin' it… they still don't look all that impressive to me but they're getting it done, so what can you say. even in losing the magic are impressing me… if not for a few lapses in common sense and some really bad foul shooting this series would be tied (and if youngin' didn't miss two bunnies in game 2 they might even be up 3-1 themselves). congrats to LA… it ain't over yet but it's over.

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