If you’re bored at work sitting at your computer with nothing to do, tired of playing solitaire and mah jongg, the first thing you need to do is thank the Lord that your azz hasn’t yet been laid off. After that you may want to check out a spot that’s one of my favorite time wasters, the site. Those who know me know that I have a thing for lists- well, this site has a schittload of the most interesting yet bizarre lists that you will ever see. Keeping it music related, I posted a few selections from Oddee’s 15 Creepiest Album Covers (some of which were too creepy even for THAT REAL SCHITT). A few other favorites- 15 Extraordinary Sand Sculptures (that first one is amazingly the least impressive and yet also the most impressive at the same time), 20 Awesome 3-D Pavement Illusions and World’s Most Flexible Women. Those are barely the tip of the iceberg, though… check ’em out when you have absolutely nothing better to do.



  1. the guy on the ratchett II cover looks like the dude from that movie Mask, straight up!

  2. Brainstorm – Waaaaaarriors… cum out and play. All they need is some box-cutters and pipes and the Apache Line is on.
    If I were a woman?
    That Truth Forever mix is the shit. Thanks for that and all the other nice stuff you keep it boiling with. Peace

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