Right now I know a lot of people are reminiscing about Thriller, Off The Wall, Bad, the moonwalk, the glove and the jacket with the zippers. But me, when I think of Michael Jackson the first thing that’s always gonna come to my mind is that little guy with the afro and the brown skin and the African-American nose who could sing and dance better than anybody before he was old enough for junior high. That little guy who had to grow up way before he was ready to and disappeared way before he should have. The world has lost one of it’s giants today. REST IN POWER.



  1. Well put, Phill. That kid got caught up in something that played hell with his life.

  2. R.I.P. Michael Jackson. (the greatest entertainer in the past 40 years)

    We are running out of legends and someone pulled the wild card out of the stack. Now the music world is stuck with a deck of cards that doesn't go higher than a 9 of diamonds.

    Its going to be hard to accept the 'game' without a king, queen and an ace… especially knowing there will never be a substitute / replacement for them in our lifetime.

    Music culture itself died today.

  3. the vid of them playing james is crazy! the sad thing is that you don't get such young kids to play THAT tight without instilling some fear in them…

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