As I said in the previous post, haven’t been checking for much rap lately- mostly a lot of soul and R&B, both old and (gasp!) new. Anyway, this is what it is right here-
TWEET – Southern Hummingbird and It’s Me Again lps
highly underrated R&B from the mid 2000’s… Tweet is real dope IMO.
BEASTIE BOYS featuring NAS – Too Many Rappers always like to hear the Beasties rock with other emcees that you might not expect them to collab with (see Q-Tip on “Get It Together”). Also must send a get well soon out to Adam Yauch.
MAZE FEATURING FRANKIE BEVERLY – One of those legendary groups that I heard all the time as a youth and kinda got away from as I delved into the deeper, more obscure musics of the world… sometimes you have to go back to those legends and rediscover their greatness. Songs I been rockin’ hard: “I Love You Too Much” (always one of my favorite Maze joints, for some reason I thought about this song when NFL QB Steve McNair got tragically murked by his young mistress a couple weeks ago… R.I.P.), “Ain’t It Strange”, “Woman Is A Wonder” and “While I’m Alone” (although the Raw Soul version on the Gregar 7″ outdoes the Maze version IMO).
BUDOS BAND EP – that little 30 second jawn on there is the BOMB.
MAYER HAWTHORNE – Green Eyed Love (Live) – still gotta hear the whole “A Strange Arrangement” album in it’s entirety (sounded good from what I heard), but it appears to me that this live version of “Green Eyed Love” is killing the studio version.

GEORGIA ANN MULDROW – Roses – boy, do I love me some Georgia Ann Muldrow. Sista is a star in the making IMO. A lot of people prefer her solo version of “Roses” to the one with Mos Def… I dunno, I kinda like Mos’ input on the song (maybe because I heard his version first). But with or without Dante, Georgia is the star of the story. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of pencil she says she’s drawing her roses with… if anybody knows please enlighten.
MAXWELL – BLACKsummer’s night lp – I don’t check for a lot of new music, but I’m definitely a Maxwell fan. I like almost everything on the album, especially “Bad Habits” and “Help Somebody”.
PHIL PERRY – In The Rain (Live) – okay, I just mentioned three current singers with new albums that are out or coming out. Now, let’s listen to one of the best soul sangers of our lifetimes that a lot of people probably have never even heard of (I got this clip via my step cousin Xanax Jenkins’ favorite web portal SOULSTRUT.COM). Man, whatever happened to the screamers? Just one of the many things missing in today’s music…

LONG DAY (a CD-R given to me by Dave Tompkins) – I really wish I could name some of the songs that Dave put on this homemade CD for me, but I am sworn to secrecy. I’ll just say that he hooked me up with some of the nicest soul, boogie etc. music that I have heard in a minute. Some bonafied rarities too, schitt you won’t find on Popsike (trust me on this). Thanks, Dave!

Plus, once again I have a trailerload of jawns that I will probably put on upcoming mixes, so I can’t divulge right now. Stay tuned for the mixes, though. Might do it SOULMAN RADIO stylee, we’ll see. PEACE.


A-ight, I haven’t been listening to much Hip Hop lately, but let me get back to what I’m about. I’m coming back extra hardcore too, with this promo-only dirty unedited version of LL Cool J‘s “No Airplay”, possibly Uncle L’s best offering after his pinnacle “Mama Said Knock You Out” period. Just another example of how nasty Todd Smith was, for those who like to conveniently exclude L from the conversation when they start talkin’ bout who the GOAT is (not saying he’s it, but he should most definitely be in the convo when all things are considered). And damn, don’t those Whatnauts drums still sound raw as f–k even after all these years? Beautiful schitt.

LL COOL J – No Airplay (Unedited Promo Version)


I was gonna call this my favorite rap record ever by a female emcee… couldn’t honestly do that once Lyte thee MC’s “10% Dis” popped into my head, but trust me, this joint here by Yo-Yo is right up there with the best of ’em in my book. The Sir Jinx / Del production is crazy. And I don’t know if sister Yolanda was writing her own rhymes or not back then, but she was certainly saying them schitts very impressively. ALWAYS loved this record (I’m east coast fo’ life but real schitt is real schitt, east coast or wessSIDE or where so ever it originates from).
Posting this got me to thinking… hmm, what would my top ten female rapper records of all time be? After some long thought about this (possibly over thirty second’s worth of straining my brain) I came to the conclusion that there might not even be ten records by female emcees that I really love. That’s some shameful schitt! I’m probably just old and can’t remember all those female rap jawns that I’ve rocked to death over the years. Yeah, that’s the ticket. If y’all want to name some of your all time bestest rap jams by women, hit me in the comments. Or just download the free music and say nothing as usual (LOL just kidding… I appreciate all the regular commenters and even y’all nameless freeloaders as well).

YO-YO – Dope Femininity