I was gonna call this my favorite rap record ever by a female emcee… couldn’t honestly do that once Lyte thee MC’s “10% Dis” popped into my head, but trust me, this joint here by Yo-Yo is right up there with the best of ’em in my book. The Sir Jinx / Del production is crazy. And I don’t know if sister Yolanda was writing her own rhymes or not back then, but she was certainly saying them schitts very impressively. ALWAYS loved this record (I’m east coast fo’ life but real schitt is real schitt, east coast or wessSIDE or where so ever it originates from).
Posting this got me to thinking… hmm, what would my top ten female rapper records of all time be? After some long thought about this (possibly over thirty second’s worth of straining my brain) I came to the conclusion that there might not even be ten records by female emcees that I really love. That’s some shameful schitt! I’m probably just old and can’t remember all those female rap jawns that I’ve rocked to death over the years. Yeah, that’s the ticket. If y’all want to name some of your all time bestest rap jams by women, hit me in the comments. Or just download the free music and say nothing as usual (LOL just kidding… I appreciate all the regular commenters and even y’all nameless freeloaders as well).

YO-YO – Dope Femininity


  1. WORD PMC!!!

    I dropped this one on the conscious mixtape KRS-One asked me to do for his organization … YoYo has some joints, like Pass It On, Letter To The Pen, etc. etc. … not surprised to see you blog this one … Didn't Del co-produce this at least … I'm pretty sure I remember him having something to do with this joint … It says something about this on the wax single …

  2. It's true that there aren't many great female rap records.

    Looking through my collection, here's a few that I came across:

    Mystic's “The Life”
    Rage's “Afro Puffs”
    Boss's “Deeper”
    Siamese's “Tha Bomb”
    Roxanne Shante's “Go on Girl”
    Leena Conquest's “Boundaries”



  3. Yeah, there are a decent amount of rap records by females that I like, just not many that I love, nahmean? em2wice, i'm with you on Bahamadia. I think her best jawn was before she even hooked up with Gangstarr, the “Funk Vibe” jawn on that EP. Also dug a lot of the stuff that Hurby Luv Bug did for his girl rappers (Antoinette, Salt N Papa & Sweet Tee)… I bought all those records.

  4. I'd say

    *Roxanne Shante
    *Queen Latifah
    *MC Lyte
    *Sweet Tee
    *Frick & Frack
    *Nikki D.
    *M.C.Trouble RIP
    *The Lady Of Rage
    *Jean Grae
    *Heather B.
    *Lin Que/Isis
    *The Conscious Daughters
    *Finesse & Synquis

  5. a brother from inglewood that i went to high school with wrote every line of that song. cat named jermaine in the class after me who died a year after he graduated. gifted cat.

  6. Yo Dave- that's a great piece of info, thanks for sharing that.

    And BTW, that Glamorous “Good To Go” 12″ is dope! I've known about it forever but I don't think I actually heard it until recently. Was she really down with the Juice Crew or was that just something she said on the record since she was signed to Prism? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  7. Re: Glamorous…she's featured on both sides of that Evolution/Juice Crew All Stars 12″ on Cold Chillin' from 87' Phill so it would appear she was involved with the Juice Crew in its early conception.

    Keep up the great work on the blog Phill…it's appreciated.


  8. I've always had an affinity for X-Clan's member: Queen Mother Rage. Her joint in particular, “Emphasis On A Sister” was the slim-slam-did-dap! That low wailing sound underneath everything and her verse(s) always do if for me. Damn! I'm about to pump that shit in front of all these yuppies (at work)!

  9. Shanté could do no wrong back in the day, but sort of fell off for a couple of years, but who could front on her when she stormed back with Big Mama!

    There used to be a lot more dope females back then though, definitely MC Lyte, Latifah, Antoinette, LA Starr, Queen Mother Rage, Michie Mee…

    I don't care if I get dissed, I used to think London's Cookie Crew were dope as hell too, on stage they could hold it down with anyone!


  10. Purchased this yesterday on the strength of this post. Dope tune – definitely slept on this when it came out..

  11. “Good to Go” is one of my alltime favourites(still looking for an original 12″ of this great release), along with Frick and Frack. Off the top of my head I came up with “Sneaky Beat” by Danny Dan and Female Dream….

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