A-ight, I haven’t been listening to much Hip Hop lately, but let me get back to what I’m about. I’m coming back extra hardcore too, with this promo-only dirty unedited version of LL Cool J‘s “No Airplay”, possibly Uncle L’s best offering after his pinnacle “Mama Said Knock You Out” period. Just another example of how nasty Todd Smith was, for those who like to conveniently exclude L from the conversation when they start talkin’ bout who the GOAT is (not saying he’s it, but he should most definitely be in the convo when all things are considered). And damn, don’t those Whatnauts drums still sound raw as f–k even after all these years? Beautiful schitt.

LL COOL J – No Airplay (Unedited Promo Version)


  1. Yo, thanks alot for this one.
    I remember the first time I heard this on Stretch n Bobbito.
    Someone recently upped this at Philaflava, but it was a radio rip and the quality wasn't too good.
    Thanks again.

  2. I've spent months (off and on) trying to track this one down. I got out-bid on ebay last year (went to $40–I'm not havin that) and only had it on an old mixtape which I can't find.


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