Shout out to my family over at DWG aka Diggers With Gratitude… I’m late as usual but for those who haven’t already copped I must plug their latest special project, the second installment of their rare Hip Hop record label poster series. This one features the most sought after promo-only rap 12″s… haven’t gotten my print yet but if I squint my eyes reeeeeal hard and look closely at the above pic I can make out stuff like the Big Red & Diamond D joint, Run DMC “Here We Go”, I think that’s the LL Cool J “No Airplay” that Rare Dave got from me (yep, same one you may have downloaded a few posts ago on this very site), Milk “Get Off My Log”, Big Daddy Kane “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” and many other rare as f–k promos. Super high quality, from what I hear. 700 x 500mm size, only 350 copies printed. Cost- £15 per poster (including worldwide postage). Paypal payments should be made to if you are interested (and why wouldn’t you be?).
This exquisite print should hold you until the next Phill Most Chill / DWG project drops… all I can say about that one is OMGWTFLOLOLZOMGFTW!!! I can’t wait. More to come, stay tuned…

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