Yep, it’s NFL Football (the american version of football… you know, with the brown ball) time again…. don’t know how many people who are reading THAT REAL SCHITT can help me with this, but if there are any pissed off Eagles fans out there who want to sell their season tickets, I will buy them. Contact me at and we can do biz. Hey, I love dogs too, but season tickets are season tickets.

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  1. Looks like you might be gettin vick in sooner than later now that donovan is hurt. Panthers fan here, Y'all whooped us good. I will give you that. But don't forget the 03 – 04 season when y'all stood in our way to the big game and well you know what happened. We will still go at least 9-7 and make the playoffs then lose in our second playoff game…

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