Yep, I’m in the middle of it right now. Hot fun in the summertime + real schitt malaise + another possible external hard drive issue (yep, even my extra back-up drive is acting like it’s about to push up daisies) = hiatus status for the time being. I may be back in effect tomorrow, I may NEVER return to regular real schitt blogposts, who knows. Football season’s about to start, I’m getting my young people ready to go back to school and I’m rockin’ Jay-Z‘s latest collection of old man rapps in the whip… my mind is just not into bloggery right now. I do have some mixes that just need to be finalized, so once that’s done maybe I’ll make my comeback at that time. Like I said previously, who knows. I’m checkin’ the stats though, I see a lot of folks are still coming through on a daily basis, so that’s most definitely appreciated. Until I get my mojo back (IF I get my mojo back), feel free to drop me a comment and tell me what kind of schitt you’d like to see here at THAT REAL SCHITT in the future… maybe that’ll light a fire under my azz. ONE.