Yep, I’m in the middle of it right now. Hot fun in the summertime + real schitt malaise + another possible external hard drive issue (yep, even my extra back-up drive is acting like it’s about to push up daisies) = hiatus status for the time being. I may be back in effect tomorrow, I may NEVER return to regular real schitt blogposts, who knows. Football season’s about to start, I’m getting my young people ready to go back to school and I’m rockin’ Jay-Z‘s latest collection of old man rapps in the whip… my mind is just not into bloggery right now. I do have some mixes that just need to be finalized, so once that’s done maybe I’ll make my comeback at that time. Like I said previously, who knows. I’m checkin’ the stats though, I see a lot of folks are still coming through on a daily basis, so that’s most definitely appreciated. Until I get my mojo back (IF I get my mojo back), feel free to drop me a comment and tell me what kind of schitt you’d like to see here at THAT REAL SCHITT in the future… maybe that’ll light a fire under my azz. ONE.



  1. sounds very similar to the soma hiatus…very close to admitting i'm too old for this and keeping everything in the can.

  2. Yo Phil snap out of it black….Hit us off with one of your old tapes to hold us over….Eagles are about to do big things this year, even though they she should have kept Dawkins…

    Drasar Monumental live from Honolulu, California

  3. just like Diamond D….or Dennis Coffey??? just play'in hope all is well….

  4. Hey Phill,

    How about we will talk about that old Philly rap? I remember when u did a post about Legion Of Doom – Live bait. Maybe a couple of other tracks from Legion of Doom would make u feel betta? Let me know and i'll hook you up. Or how about to ask the peepz around if they have the Legion of Doom album “Too Hard For The Radio”, haha. Or how about a proposal to get on the show i'm working with one mix?

    Anyway, music is the best reason that you should continue!

  5. Reall Schiittzo from Amsterdam, been appreciating your music, mixes a.s.f. for yeaRS, or is it days now….. Let us hope your blogging sense returns, once all is fixed and what else ´s there. But for real, your truth is forever…and so was the mix you did us recently. What was the name of the track before Hendrickson Road House…, really feelin that one too. Ah well, was a blast..take care SoulMAN

  6. Well my Philly Brethren I completely understand this blog world is funny you post stuff that many would kill for then ought of a sudden about a few people are talking about it, and didn't we say the net is worldwide? All these hip hop lovers? Yeah okay!! I guess you know what I am saying!! But on another note if you do decide to stick around Philly hip hop is always good to me!!! I will be going that direction after while myself I intended to from the beginning however me and some of my affiliates have been pumping the mixtapes and yeah we get the same bit you get the ups anddowns of the blog world!! Hey man let me be the first to say you are a part of hip hop history and it has definetly been a pleasure but I don't think you are going anywhere so I'll check you out soon!!!

  7. Hey We Love Soulman! That last mix “the truth is forever” — fucking wow!! We need more! Encore, more of the obscure and the funky and haunting folk lyrics mixed with the good ol funk, soul, & psych please!

    The truth is forever – now that's that real schitt!!!!!!

  8. don't you dare stop that real schitt. ain't nothin' like that old real schitt

  9. genius like your's must parceled out in small increments,lest it take over the galaxy.i guess thats why all the pressings have been so small.i hope you get the blog back up and running soon-i just found out about it,for god's sake!!!if lists are yr thing please check out my blog
    counting down the 500 greatest indy hip hop 12″s ever made.much love from nyc

  10. Dude, I don't care what you post about, just keep posting. I need that Real Schitt in my life! (||)

  11. NEED YOUR HELP!!! Not sure if this was a philly song… However, I heard it on Power 99FM, Radioactive (midnight to 2am), back in the day… All I know is the lyrics, the song title, or the group name was “United Snakes Of America”… It sticks in my mind because I think they used a dope ass beat… But, it could just be my memory at the time… I don't know…

    Also, there's another song that sampled the Posdnuos' lyrics from “Stakes Is High”…. “Give it to you twenty four seven on the microphone” and lyrics from another song that said “politic style”… which had a piano loop…

    Two kinda undergroundish songs that I heard on Philly radio that have been on my mind forever! HELP!

  12. United Snakes of America? Sounds like Movement Ex. Marley remixed it for the 12″

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