Yo… thanks to all who have hit me up during The Hiatus via comments or e-mail. Wish I could say I’m back, but really I’m not… just wanted to post these videos I peeped recently because they were both made to be posted on THAT REAL SCHITT.
First is an excerpt from the film SBX! Holding Down The Tradition, which is a real nice slice of Hip Hop from the home of Hip Hop, the Bronx, New York. Featuring cats like Lord Finesse and other D.I.T.C. members / affiliates… real nice. Highlight of the film is this little performance by Edan in which he simply kills it… watch for yourself and see what I mean. Be sure to buy that Echo Party joint by Edan when it drops shortly… haven’t heard it yet but word is that it’s bananaramas.

My favorite music video of the moment, and possibly my favorite music video of the last and current centuries, is this joint here by my brothers PUTS. People Under The Stairs just seem to make great videos… man, they shoulda been out in the Yo! MTV Raps days back when good rap videos actually got a lot of airtime. This, IMHO, is a great rap video.

One last thing: I WILL be back. Working on some stuff now. See y’all soon…