Told you I’d be back… and here I is with another Soulman mix. This is really more of a Best Of Archaeologists compilation type joint… I’m just putting my name on all of ’em from now on (why not?). No cutting and scratching, just playing some music I like.
This is another one of those mixes that’s been sitting around unfinished for a long azz time- probably a couple of these songs I wouldn’t have put on the mix if I did it yesterday just because I’ve heard them on too many other people’s mixes. But who cares… I like all the selections regardless if I heard them a hundred times before or if they’re still new to my ears. Like a wise dude once said, the truth is forever. Besides, I think it’s a pretty decent mosaic of uncommon and commonplace, rarefied and somewhat routine. Soul, psych, jazzy, modern, whatever’s clever.
The working title on this was “Spring Mix” because most of the stuff is light and breezy and soulful… unfortunately I’m like a couple of season changes late on the release date and I didn’t feel like waiting until next March to drop it, so here it is. F— it, autumn is pretty breezy too, right? I can see the leaves falling in the background while sipping a mug of hot apple cider and vibing out to this schitt. Hope y’all like it, and if not I got another one in the chamber that may be ready by this weekend as well. Happy turkey day to whoever’s celebrating it and peace to everybody else too.



  1. Been checkin every now and then for some RR schitt and boom – new mix!! And I didn't manage to solve the previous one yet:)) Lovin' the Soulman quality brand and can't wait to hear it, peace.

  2. am i the only one who has been having trouble with zshare lately? I'm not able to download this and would love to hear it, can anyone put up a mirror link?

  3. What's good Soulman. Nes zshare what's working for me man, I hope things work out cause it is a nice one just some good music going down!! Thanks Phil and it's good to hear you aint totally throw in the towel!!

  4. Hey nes…. try this one-

    what up Olskool4real… naw, i'm not done just yet… still got a few things to put out there before i bow out for good. gotta take a few chances and do some different stuff, some things that people may not expect (and may not really be into either, but hey, you gotta just do you sometimes in life and let the chips fall where they may). Thanks for the comments, one and all!

  5. That Willie Hutch interlude…always been amazed by that 20 seconds at the end of side one. Great mixes, much respect.

  6. very nice mix. also would love to see a play list – shazam's got nothing. would love to learn identity for 54:30.

  7. wow, this is one of the dopest mixes I heard for a while! any chance of a playlist? a couple of absolute diamonds Ive never heard before.

  8. Man, this shit is still BANGIN! I appreciate the mix like a year plus later. HAAAA! The Quicksand joint and that Only one joint… FANGGGGGGG! Bangin'! I need those groups whole albums! Thanks!

  9. Truly a butter blend of melodious melodies…I'm over here in the astral plane from sheer bliss…Thanks for dropping one of the best quality mixes that I've heard on this level.

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