I was at the Old Country Buffet (one of my favorite eating spots- I’m cheap) awhile back and I noticed one of the employees, a barely legal if even legal at all young dude, hitting on a customer, a cute late 30-ish older woman. She rebuffed his advances, claiming that she was too old for him. Young dude, undeterred, stared her in the eye and calmly replied “I know what I like.” Gotta give it to the youngin’- swag for days.
That’s kinda how I feel about psych rock, which is my current favorite genre of music to listen to. I probably don’t really know a damn thing about psych- every time I look up info on a psych album online, the reviews rarely sing the praises of the songs on the album that I like the most. They’ll talk about the genius of some song on the lp that I’m not familiar with, then I’ll go back to the record to listen to this song and be like WTF is this? Obviously I’m not hearing it from a true psych enthusiasts’ perspective. Which I guess makes sense, since I’m a black first generation Hip Hop dude… I didn’t grow up on Zep or Sabbath or the Beach Boys or Zappa or even Hendrix. I grew up on James Brown and Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and the Furious 5.
Yet and still, I know what I like. Music with soul, music that touches you somewhere deeper than the epidermis. And any real music head knows that soul isn’t just found on albums that have pics of dudes with afros on the jacket. I hear the soul in Aretha Franklin but I also hear it in Rachmaninoff‘s 2nd. In fact, “hear it” isn’t the best way to put it- I feel it. That’s what music is all about, man… people can tell you all day that this is the hot schitt, this is what’s banging now, whateva whateva, but it doesn’t matter. Music isn’t a popularity contest, it’s not about soundscan numbers, it’s only about what you feel or don’t feel. No matter what I say about something being THATREALSCHITT, if you can’t feel what I’m feeling then it’s a waste of time even trying to explain it.
So anyway, enough of my yadda-yadda-ing. Yes, it’s true- I’m dropping another new Soulman mix a mere three days after the last new Soulman mix. Guess the hiatus is officially over, eh? This one, entitled Beautiful, basically picks up where The Truth Is Forever left off. Just playing a bunch of soft, mellow psych songs that I really love. Familiar folky stuff that the Vashti Bunyan and Linda Perhacs fans out there may already know and love but also some other very nice tunes that only the most hardcore psych dudes are gonna be hip to. This joint may be too light for the more gnarly real schitters, and my Hip Hop real schitters can probably just fuggetaboutit, but I’m hoping folks will dig this (Beautiful Pt. 2 and maybe even Pt. 3 are on deck already, so if y’all are feelin’ it more will be dropped ASAP). Thanks for listening.



  1. nice one Soulman!
    Thank you for sharing your vinyl collection with us…love the quality of the recordings…i haven't even listened all the way through and lovin it….i can tell i'll listen to this for years to come when i need to chill…

    I didn't even know that i even liked this schitt….that's how i like my psych rock, through a 1st generation hip-hop dude's ears….man, what i love about hip-hop is it has introduced me (and hip-hoppers in general) to so many other kinds of muzak….i know my wife's parents will love this….

    the mask on the cover is a little scary though. lol

    good luck finding more ba, ba, baa, ba-ba's….any luck with the boot camp situation??


  2. Getting near the end of “Beautiful” right now, and got “Come To Me Softly” queued up…Christmas just came early this years. Thanks for the gifts of TRS, mucho appreciado.

  3. great mix & funny/weird cover art… whiteface = beautiful?!
    when are you gonna do a old school hip hop mix?!

  4. any chance you could put a rapidshare for this one too? I don't know whats up with zshare for me..

  5. Thanks for releasing some new mixes!i still listen to the older ones on the regular.

    I'm listening to “come to me softly ” now , dope tunes as usual!! (i seen your blog is tolerant about old slang)

  6. Phill, these mixes almost make up for you skipping your annual Thankstaking feature! Almost.

    On the real, though, I really like the way you emphasize songs on these mixes rather than beatbreaks. I'm looking forward to volumes 2 & 3!

  7. Thanks for the comments, one and all. Olga- interesting theory on the mask. It is whatever you think it is- that's beauty of artistic expression. Might be a deeper meaning, might just be a crazy dude wearing his kid's halloween mask. Who knows? No matter what I say about it, it is whatever it is to you. Matthew- maybe I'll drop some more old school tapes for the Xmas holiday this year…. we'll see. Nes- here you go:

    Thanks again for the support… keep letting me know you want more of THAT REAL SCHITT and I will try to keep it going (time permitting, of course). PEACE.

  8. Your mixes are new to me – quality straight thru. Realy enjoying this one but the previous Come to me gently mix was amazing. Any chance of a tracklist on that one? The “doors” song is beautiful, whos singing?
    I understand if its your secret but its worth a try…

    Ill be linking to you from my blog, thanks for the music.

  9. OMG.. we're on the exact same wavelength these days. I'm huge into psych but never like the stuff traditional psych enthusiasts like, with the exception of Linda Perhacs, who I'm obsessed with. Some incredible stuff on here. Keep it coming!

  10. Good to see you back on your blog skit… I want to hear something FROM YOU that I never heard before. Anything.

    AC The PD

  11. Cooltrane- that's The Ascots. Sean- Linda Perhacs is great… I'm probably not as big an enthusiast as some people, but I REALLY love “hey, who really cares”. matter of fact, i need to vibe out to that album right now. AC the PD- i think my next post might be just what you're asking for… maybe I'll finally drop that unfinished Philly Phill Old School album for free download… why not, right? we'll see. PEACE.

  12. word good looks on the link once again..

    I think maybe some of the Psych enthusiasts just aren't into the same rhythms and don't have the same ear as diggers do, I feel you on that.

    man, I'd get on some five finger Felipe schitt for a Hendrickson Road House joint lol..

    definitely want some more of that Realness Phil, still waiting to hear that slow soul burners mix you were talking abt too..

  13. Once again massive UK props to the Soulman, only just found out about your blog and i nearly “schitt” myself when i clocked how much audio goodness you have to share with us. Keep up the good work, and many thanks for the 2 latest mixes, i'm keeping my eyes peeled for your next installments 🙂

  14. Soulman,
    These new mixes are incredible – keep 'em coming! Thanks for taking the time to share great records with us all. I've learned loads from your 'world of beats' site too.

  15. This is wonderful, thanks for your generosity. Bloggers like you stop me losing my faith in humanity. Keep 'em coming please!

  16. “we're on the exact same wavelength these days” – dubble that!

    Straight quality these two latest mixes.

    A couple o years ago i wouldn't have touched none of this here with all that accustic guitar, nowadays its different.

  17. Anonymous dude said: “we're on the exact same wavelength these days” – dubble that!

    Straight quality these two latest mixes.

    A couple o years ago i wouldn't have touched none of this here with all that accustic guitar, nowadays its different.

    Yup… it's all about change, man. I know a lot of people who are familiar with me probably think I'm real set in my ways, real resistant to change. Couldn't be further from the truth. I am ALL ABOUT opening my ears to new schitt, whether it's new schitt from today or new schitt from 40 years ago that I just never heard until today. All I'm resistant to is schitt that I don't want to listen to, and I could care less what's popular or not with other people. I'm resistant to schitt that sounds dumb to me, like any 9 year old could make it. I'm resistant to schitt that sounds plastic. I'm resistant to schitt that has no soul, no depth. Lately I'm actually listening to a lot of genres or styles of music that I never really got into before. Yeah, it's mostly old music, but what can I say… I think the times were different back then and EVERYTHING was on a deeper level back then (late 60's early 70's), especially the music. But you know who I like, from what I've heard (and I've only heard a little so far)? I like Dam Funk. I know he's on some retro schitt I guess, but I am feelin' that schitt, throwback funk or not. Bottom line, it's all about opening your mind. And I listen to EVERYTHING with an open mind. Don't mean you have to like all that schitt! But LISTEN. Sometimes you'll end up surprising yourself. PEACE.

  18. Listening now Soulman! Appreciate the effort and generosity involved in putting together and sharing such eclectic and magnificent mixes.

  19. soulman youre the best , can you identify a track from the 'dig it' tape , it's on 'i dont need no protect' and starts at 6.25 about a train thats coming near. thanks in advance Tim from Holland

  20. Tim from Holland, I think the record you're asking about is from the Gotham “Pass The Butter” lp… been a long time but I'm pretty sure that's correct. Boy, it's amazing how generous I'm getting with the info in my old age (probably because the older you get the more trivial everything that isn't REALLY important becomes… that's a good thing, though). PEACE.

  21. well, to be honest, it was more of question than a theory.
    i believe there is beauty in accomplishment, and tis a fine accomplishment.

    now please excuse me while i masturbate on it.

  22. Hadn't checked in for a while. You've inspired me yet again boss, positively dripping with soul no matter what style you droppin. Many many thanks, big ups from Ireland…..

  23. Does anyone know the song that starts at 11:36 with the words ” the breeze surrounds me ” ??? I love that song. Thank you.

  24. Honey LTD “Silk & Honey”. I need a full trk lsting on this mix, pleeez if anybody has it i really neeed it

  25. Wow, I have been made aware that Hendrickson Road House is appreciated by a few true believers. Thanks so much.Trying to reissue it, had a bad run-in with a Music Group.Maybe Phill could sit in for the new cover,,I am Sue Akins, not dead yet.

  26. thank you so much soulman!
    incredible music !
    I'm tripping out on the track, where someone is singing “beautiful people”. I searched a lot,but couldn't find anything.cann you tell me the artist/song please!!

  27. Love this mix! thank you so much! Could you tell me what song appears at min 34. I have been searching for days now, but couldnt find it.
    Sounds like Barbara and Ernie…
    ” This is such a lonely wave to ride on…”

    Thank you.

  28. Good afternoon, my harddrive with these two wonderful mixes on it went bust, would it be possible to download
    them again, beautiful and the truth is forever? my email is

  29. absolutely mind blowing a jaw dropping tape. many thanks for sharing the beauty.
    Could you pleeeeeease tell me what song appears around min 34. “This is such a lonely wave to ride on…”. dying to know what it is

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