I’m not gonna make this post about how I copped my Stark Reality og vinyl or how much it’s selling for according to Popsike or any of that. I’m not gonna write a full fledged eulogy, either (but I will direct you to what Egon wrote on the Now Again Records site)… just a few words about the man Monty Stark. Although I only knew Monty personally from a few e-mails and posts on Soulstrut, MySpace, etc., it was clear to me that he was cool people. Just little stuff like his posting of the cover of my Archaeologists’ Classics Vol. 82 cassette – the one with the Stark Reality-bitten artwork- on the ‘Strut, his way of winking at me and saying “I see you, Soulman!” Putting the picture of my kids holding my copy of the Stark lp up on his site (Akilah and Khalil loved that). Hearing a beat I made using his “All You Need To Make Music” and giving it the thumbs up, even if he probably didn’t really get my “hiphopizationing” of his original tune. Cool people. So of course I’m sad to know that the world has lost not only a brilliant music man but also a very cool human being… I don’t know, maybe it’s me but it doesn’t seem like they make so many of those anymore. Anyway, I’m rockin’ “Comrades” right now as I type these words, and I’m feeling pretty good. “Friendship for life… see you tomorrow.” Word up. Thanks, Monty.


  1. I copped the Stark Reality thing they put out on Stones Throw and it was definitely a good purchase. thats cool he recognized game, what's up with some archaeologists classic back catalouge posting? I need some of those in my life

  2. yo phill…..i was reading a rapsheet article from 93 when you went to one of his sessions. you had a tape from the session. do you still have that tape? do you have any more pete rock flavas like that?

  3. Well said Phil… Monty Stark was a visionary artist that had a respect and understanding of what real underground heads are doing within the hip-hop community. His legacy will live forever.

    Keep up the amazing work you do!

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