Although my PC is down, I refuse to let my computer woes stop THAT REAL SCHITT from marching forward… had to pull out the Macbook (which I rarely use due to the fact that I don’t know jack about Macs) and get busy as best I can. I planned on dropping another one of my many belated mixes this Valentines weekend and here it is. Didn’t have many of my usual tools to hook up the music and visuals, so I improvised. No Photoshop? I downloaded the GIMP schitt for Mac and did what I could do for the graphics (not much different than what I normally do- I’m no pro at any of this schitt, believe me). Had to do a LOT of schitt differently, but it got done.

This is just a collection of some sweet soul-ish stuff that I like and have been listening to for awhile now. Some I got from my vinyl collection, some I got from around the internets (like the Top Shelf “Let Them Keep On Talking” from Matthew Africa‘s blog… thanks, Matt!). I’d like to say this is perfect since this is Valentines Day, but some of the songs are more on some “I lost you and we’re not together any more” steez rather than some “I love you and you love me and we’ll be together FOREVER” schitt. There’s plenty of that too, but I’m just giving y’all that disclaimer before you play this mix for your sweetie tonight and she gets depressed and leaves your ass. Regardless, it’s a lot of great music so enjoy.
And also, BTW- Soulman BEAUTIFUL PT. 2 tomorrow.


EDIT: if you need this in MP3 form instead of the M4a or whatever that schitt is above, here it is again-



  1. great stuff, thanks.. keep the gorgeousness coming, you make a random internet stranger happy!

  2. so dope, so fresh…. thanks Soulman. You never let down and you keep blessing us ….


  3. truly beautiful!!! finally someone who shares the passion for rare soul and just good music… here in germany most people think im kind of weird! keep it up!!!

  4. well, Anonymous… they do have the big jpeg that says “soulman lovers and friends” so i would say that yes, they are giving me credit. i guess i could shout “SOOOOOOULLMANNNN!!!!” over every track so that no one could bite, but i honestly don't even care at this point. i'm just playing the music, i didn't make the music, nahmean? therefore, let me make this perfectly clear- i ENCOURAGE blogs to pick up these mixes and post them up. share the love, it's only right. thanks for looking out though, Anonymous.

  5. To Alex aka Mr. Foley: well, actually you are weird. I am too! I'm probably not quite as weird as you, since I'm old enough to remember when music that sounded like this was current and relevant. So I can get a pass for being nostalgic, I guess. But in this Lady Gaga world that we are now trapped in, ALL of us who like this old ass music are weirdos. I don't know about you, Alex aka Mr. Foley, but I am sooooo happy to be weird and I will continue to be weird until they pry my Linda Perhacs album from my cold, dead hands. Thanks for writing and stay weird… it's a good thing.

  6. This is pure heat Soulman, by the way what is the name of that first track?

    I remembered Prodigy using it on that Bang On Em track on Return Of The Mac(fire album)

    Oh yeah Soulman I dig what you were saying about looking weird playing old music, killing thing is that I get it from old cats.

    Just found your site not to long ago, keep brining that fire!

  7. Was the mp3 for this deleted? I never got a chance to hear it. Would you please put it up again? I would appreciate it.

  8. Brad- just download the m4a, it's still up. If you need it in MP3 form you should be able to download some free audio converter online, just use this cool new site called Google to find one. Thanks for your interest!

  9. hey soulman just found your site so glad i did & that you've posted up some mixes (one i didnt have anyway). big fan, got a bunch of your older work & i gotta say i've got a huge music collection but your one of the few guys whos mixes get most repeated play in our household. keep up the good fight, mad love from Australia


  10. Argh, I discovered the blog too late, the link is dead now.
    (I googled a long time for this mix and couldn't find it 😦
    Is there a chance to be Re-UP ??

    By the way, Thanks Soulman for all of your dopes mixtapes, me and my friends were crazy when we discovered it (especially the 3 world of beats tapes and the drugs tape)

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