The good news is that it’s been a productive day today… finished up and mixed this Beautiful 2 joint, did the photoshoot (thanks to Khalil Stroman Photography Inc. for the hook up), put together the cover art and here it is for your listening pleasure today, just as I promised yesterday. The not-as-good news is that it looks like I’m gonna miss the Freeway / Jake One show here in Philly at the Troc tonight (sorry I can’t make it but thanks for putting me on the list anyway, hommie… I know y’all gonna rock it). Well, just as with the last Beautiful joint I did, I’m real happy about this one. Make sure to let me know if you dig this kind of schitt, ‘cuz I’m itchin’ to drop number three very soon if you want more.

BTW (and totally off topic), did anybody see that NBA all star dunk contest the other night? WEAK. Worst of all time. Dudes have no imagination whatsoever. If any of y’all NBA dunk dudes are listening, I’ll give you one for next year (save this for your show stopper)- dribble the ball while you’re standing at half court, about to make your dunk. Then suddenly just put the ball down. The crowd will start gasping like “wtf??? What’s he doing? Is he quitting???” Then just start running towards the hoop without the ball. Everyone will think you’ve gone insane. What they don’t know is that while the last guy was doing his li’l wack ass dunk, you were on the sidelines untying one of your kicks, loosening it up just enough that it won’t fall off while you’re running. As you leap into the air towards the hoop, you reach down and take off the loose sneaker while in midair then bring it up and WINDMILL DUNK THE SNEAKER. Hang from the rim for effect (and also to ease your one-barefooted landing). The fans are happy, the streets are happy, the sneaker companies are happy, and David Stern is doing something prematurely in his dress slacks he’s so happy. You don’t have to pay me for that one, NBA dunk dudes… just do it. Do SOMETHING. Anything. I got a million of ’em, hit me on the e-mail and I’ll do y’all that solid (the sneaker dunk was free but any of my other ideas will be for a small fee, of course… y’all can afford it).


  1. Ahhhh. Thanks from Paducah Kentucky, once again. One of my fave blogs right here. Audi 9000

  2. Thank you for the mix !! Beautiful Part one is truly a favorite I was just playing it today. Its in heavy rotation. Thank you for all of your diggin skills and willingness to share it with us. Always a fan of your Soulman from World of Beats. Thank you ….your work is appreciated.


  3. Thanks a lot for this, Beautiful 1 was a classic, and this one's just as sweet. Psych isn't a genre I know much about, but loving the deep sounds, keep on educating..

    So yep, part 3 would certainly be appreciated.

  4. ooooooooooohhhhhhh shit! once again that realllll schitttttttttt, baby! what the fuck would i do without you and the good music in my life man? And you done copped the illest name in the funk soul world. I mean I can't even pass off soulman as my dj name to anybody cause they think of phil most chill from the north! I guess first come first serve. Man you have been listening to the joints I love like 10 years prior to me! Oh if only I knew about this schitt earlier! Anyways keep it up man. Fucking Thank Fucking YOU! Man.

    – Fast Eddy

  5. Man, just when I catch up on some of the stuff you dug up for Beautiful (though not all, and I'm still trying to find out what that last song on The Truth is Forever was!), you drop this. Loving it. I'm deep into this kind of schitt right now. Can't get enough. Bring on part 3!

  6. FUEGO!!! would you please post a tracklist? cause i need these artists' names

  7. Great mixes, as always. Just wanted to say that I really what you wrote about the first Beautiful, just how you've gradually come to like different types of music throughout the years. That's the way it should be – just being open to different influences. Keep it coming.

  8. What can I say Phil? You have outdone yourself. From beginning to end this mix is perfection! Thank you. I actually was listening to Beautiful 1 this evening, which made me think to check up on your blog. Well what a nice surprise it was to find several mixes up. This one though is real NICE!!! I had to call my friend up at work twice just to let him know how good it was. That's how much I am liking it. It's still on rotation tonight and has turned an average night for me into a rather decent night – good music will have that effect.

    There are so many nice joints on this mix. That second track though!!!! Damn!! Can't stop listening to that.

    Part 3 must be done.

    Mike v.

    PS: I still owe you a thank you for letting me know what a track was on the Truth Is Forever mix. So thank you. As for that record (ill check back on the comments) and get back to you, if you still have it. Ill work out a price with you.

  9. Hey, gang… thanks for the “beautiful” comments and there most certainly WILL be a pt.3, maybe a pt. 4, 5 and 6 too. Why not? And to anybody who thinks this kind of stuff is too soft for real men, well, you're just mad because my mangina is bigger than yours. Peace and thanks again!

  10. i enjoy floating on these velvet sunsets, soulman, thanks for the mix and for allowing comments on your blog.

  11. Thanks a lot for your excellent mixes Mr Soulman. I remember hearing and reading about you in Grand Slam magazine a few minutes ago. Good to see (and hear) that your still working hard. Please don't ever stop!!

  12. I really love this mix. And I'm 'just' 22, definitely there is no way to share my happiness with this music with my friends.

    I'd love to know the name of the opening/first track, I think that is just unvelieveable. I've been searching it for weeks and no results. Tried to find it searching by the lyrics, but impossible.

    Anyone that could help me? I would kill someone for that tune. Peace!

  13. MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    the first track was sampled by madlib for strong arm steady recently.
    BIG UP!
    keep on.

  14. ask and ye shall receive.

    and the first tune is T2, I forget the title. And the other one is the award but i forget by who! there you go, you now have all the info you will ever need

  15. Dear Phil,

    Just want to say thank you very much indeed for yet another totally amazing piece of work. I count myself as someone whose key passion is music, with thousands of records that surround me as I type, so I feel in a good position to say your stuff really stands out. I guess it's really down to personal taste though, nothing to do with the amount you dig or know, so when all's said and done, I'll just say “you rock. hard”. Mad love!

    David, From London.

    PS If you ever come to the UK, look me up dmsacks@gmail dot com ; you've always got a place to stay if you're this way ….! Or just for tips etc.

  16. Thanks for your great mixes!
    May i ask what is that beautiful song with good drum breaks and consonant intruments (guitars, flutes etc) from 45:23?

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