Hello to all my Realschitterswell, however many of y’all who are still checkin’ in here at the blog that was declared dead months ago, THAT REAL SCHITT. It’s actually not dead, I’ve just been busy beyond words. Renovating the crib, doing my part to get the Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” limited edition LP done with my dudes over at DWG, etc. etc. No time for bloggery these past few months… STILL really no time for it, to be honest. But I was inspired to stop what I’ve been doing to rock this long overdue post, so here it is.
I was supposed to do this Real Schitt installment featuring my homeboy and one of the best producers on earth IMHO, Jorun Bombay, for probably like a year or maybe even two years (I’m senile- I really have no idea how long it’s been other than TOO long). Never got around to it- had to get other schitt out of the way first. The other day I said to myself, “self, you better hook up the Jorun post before you have a stroke or suffer some other debilitating malady that old people sometimes fall victim to”. Word ’em up.
For those who ain’t familiar, Jorun hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is a full fledged master of the beats. We go back to my early days at Rap Sheet; Jo used to send me letters and his beat tapes and records and the whole nine. At that time I had no idea if Nova Scotia was in Canada, Iceland, Sweden or Wyoming (it’s in Canada) but I knew that this dude was serious about this beat schitt. My man even had the Baritone Tiplove 12″ so you know we hit it off.
To make a long story short(er), fast forward to today. As I said earlier IMHO Jorun is one of the best producers out there when it comes to real schitt Hip Hop. Creativity, sound quality, dope breaks… my kind of music, no doubt. So a while ago I asked Jo to send me some of his work so I could erect a real schitt statue in his honor on my blog, and he did. I listened through all the music, thought it was dope, then inadvertently pushed it to the side due to about a million things coming at me from all angles of my life (I have SO much great music that people have sent me just sitting in a pile, having been listened to only once because I haven’t had a chance to get back to it.. such is the life of a Soulman).
About a week ago I burned all the Jorun tracks to a CDR and rode around in the whip rockin’ that schitt at high decibels so I could really live with it for a minute, and thoroughly enjoyed pretty much all of it, especially the production value. So I’m dropping almost ALL of these joints here on the world infamous THAT REAL SCHITT blog. Bus’ it-

Ghettosocks “Out For Treats” (official video)

Monark & Jorun “Hangin By A String”

Jorun & Soulman (Phill Most Chill) “Smash”

Jorun Bombay “Jorun’s Way”

Jorun Bombay, Jazzy Jay & Rick Rubin “Rock The Bells Instrumental”

Not a typo- you read that last one correctly. An instrumental for the LL Cool J sureshot from 1985. This is the kind of thing that Jorun Bombay does- no instrumental available for a classic rap joint? He just remakes the schitt himself. With stunning attention to detail- I never would have known that this instro was totally remade from scratch. Now you tell me, what’s f–kin’ with that? Maybe YOU know what’s f–kin’ with that, me I’m not so lucky. What I am, though, is very impressed.
So if you are also impressed (and if you’re the type of person who would even venture to this blogsite I think you should be), feel free to click the link down below and download all nineteen tracks produced by Haltown’s living legend. Thanks for the hook up, Jo (and sorry for the long delay).

Soulman Presents JORUN BOMBAY (various artists)






  1. Man, it could be 2035, and we ain't had a post from you in years since the robot overlords took over, leaving hip-hop and everything else in ruins, and I'll still be checking this blog. Good to hear from ya.

    And this mixtape is good for my soul right now – this Jorun dude is real nice with it.

  2. Jorun is dope man, shout out to you as well Jesse. The two of you got me into hip-hop to begin with.


  3. This man is a legend in our neck of the woods, opening for the likes of PE, Run DMC, Africa Bambatta, to name a few. To say he knows his way around the stacks is putting it lightly. He schooled me in the day and enlightened the hell out of me. Big up for updating your blog with this.

  4. Yo thanks Phil! I appreciate the blog and the comments from everyone! I got to say though that Phill Most put me up on a lot of breaks back in the day and taught me a lot which ended up as the results of the quality music i'm making to this day.

    Thanks so much Phil!


  5. Ahhh, Mr. Most Chill! We knew you'd be around at some point. Now I need to get this mix out to my net-less friends, stat!Have a good day, man.

  6. James Auburn- what up, son! Wow this is like a 90's Rapsheet “World Of Beats” letter writers reunion up here… all I need is comments from dudes like DJ Penis (Molemen) and Blaine from and this would be better than a hot tub time machine! Thanks for the respect as always, my man. And yes, I agree- Jorun is indeed real nice with it.

  7. Hey Jorun- thanks for the love, homie. You get all the credit for your talents, though… I've seen how you've grown over the years and as good as your music was back then it's ten times better today. I don't even stutter when I say that IMHO you're one of the best producers on earth… hyperbolic perhaps, but that's how I feel about it for real. Props to all the emcees rhyming on your tracks too… your area is full of real live talent. The next movement to take over rap should be north of the US border.

  8. And to Ghettosocks, this is all I gotta say- “Colt 45 in the hand like Lando / Calrissian, uprisen from the wisdom meridian / with a prism made of lithium to trigger an idiom”… that's THAT REAL SCHITT. You're killin' em, G. “Out For Treats” is one of the songs and videos of the year… or last year I guess? F–k it… BOTH years.

  9. fuck!! this is the illest shit i've heard in while. right there with you phil, dude is spastic nice. thanks for another gem!

  10. This man has taught me everything I know. He's my musical mentor and big brother. He deserves all the attention he gets…

    Thanks for spreading the love Soulman!!!!

  11. Mr Bombay -you got that all right on that “Rock the Bells” – my sincere respect for that.

    BTW – whats the AC/DC track scratched on this record???

  12. thanx K de la bass.

    That Ac/Dc track is from the “flick the switch” lp

    I belive its the title track if i remember correctly.


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