Earlier this month my guy Q-Ball over at the Old School Scholar blog wanted me to set off his 7 Questions Of Culture series, and of course I dropped the usual jewelry for him and his loyal Hip Hop lovin’ readers. When you’re done here, scoot on over there and see what it is. And while you’re at it, check out their latest Old School Hip Hop Mega Mix, either down below here or over there.


  1. good interview, i was reading the part where you talked about being one of the first to put out break tapes. I heard that you were the first and other people say DJ Shame or other names.. just out of curiousity, not that it really matters, but who would you say was the first to put out the break mix tapes? I always kind of wondered about that…

  2. Nes, I really don't know who was first… probably DJ Shame but I'm not sure. I didn't know about the DJ Shame tape until later. The first I heard about people playing originals was Tony D playing them on WPRB in Trenton back in the early 90's. Around 1993 I started making my Archaeologists Classics tapes but I wasn't selling them, that was just for me and my crew to listen to while we drove around (and I also did a beat segment on my Hip Hop mixtapes I did back in '93). A little bit after that I heard tapes from Beni B's radio show out in the Bay Area, which was truly an education for me. I know Mr. Supreme sent me the first Conmen tape by him and Jake One right while I was half way done with World Of Beats Vol. 1- I had no idea they were making that tape, but I went back and changed some of that first tape because it sounded too much like what the Conmen were doing. So they predated me by a little bit. There may have been some other folks around that time too… I guess Ken Sport came out around then, maybe before we did. I kinda think the Conmen and Soulman tapes were different than some of the other joints I heard around that time, though, and also different from each other as well. It would be good to find out who really predates who in the breakmix game… I know I'm not the very first, but I also know that if my name isn't in the discussion when you talk about the pioneers of that genre then it's not a legit discussion. That's good enough for me! PEACE.

  3. no doubt, I always wondered who was the very first also. I guess it's hard to say when the actual 'release dates' of those mixtapes were. I would definitely agree that you were one of the pioneers if not the first. Peace.

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