I do a lot of driving all around Philly, and whenever I come across a fly piece of wall art I pull out my trusty iPhone and get a snapshot. Here are some of my faves, from 5th & Cecil B to the world famous wall at 49th & Westminster (I’m on record that the 5th & Cecil B spot is iller… shame that the “Badlands” joint had to come down). Peace to all the artists who created these hood masterpieces… more to come. And any Philly graf heads out there, put me up on some other spots. I’m hittin’ the whole city hard but I know I’m missin’ out on some dope stuff.


  1. philly is ill i wish some 1 could send me some philly fliks alter ha crew boston

  2. It's spotty in Philly too Swan! Phil I haven't spotted a lot of them because I haven't gotten to those areas in a while I been working out in Norristown for the last 7 years or so, and although I reside in Philly it's been a lot of go to work and come home for this kid 4 sure!!! Nice post!!!

  3. whatsup phill,
    i pass by 49th and westminster a lot. great wall and its also right by the park with all the hooker traffic. what brought you out there?


  4. Tripledub- ha ha, well it certainly wasn't the park with the hooker traffic (I didn't even know about that one). I'm all city, homeboy… I've covered almost every inch of Philadelphia, no exaggeration. The 49th & Westminster wall and the 5th & Cecil B walls are pretty famous, I hear writers from all over have made the trip to Philly to do pieces on those spots. Which, unfortunately, has brought out a lot of animosity among local writers who are not feelin' the interlopers. Lately there hasn't been any new art at either location… don't know if it's some anti-graffiti schitt or what's going on exactly. Check me out on facebook, cousin, I've got over 200 pics I've taken all over the city (and some old school philly classics, even some of my own early toy attempts from the early 80's).

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