I liked this video so much it actually got me to come out of my state of suspended animation like Captain America melting out of a giant ice cube hollaring for his beloved Bucky. Son Of Bazerk doin’ it in 2010? Oh, hells yes. This schitt is awesome, and I think it’s the kind of schitt that may actually even be awesome to some people who aren’t as old as Moschops terds like I am. Please take a look at this video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Shout out to Herm over at my neighbor’s baby cousin Lesbianeequa’s favorite website for posting this. I’m trying to get back to regular Real Schitt posts but I’m busy a lot these days dealing with something called real life (a relative of That Real Schitt but not exactly the same thing), so we’ll see how it goes. Until next time, be cool.
PS: And oh yeah, shouts goin’ out to my peoples Beat Mann and also DJ Illiterate who rocked the B-boy battle at Penn campus here in Philly tonight. Woww, I actually got out of the house long enough to make a rare public appearance! It was fun, homies. PEACE.

Son of Bazerk and No Self Control- I SWEAR ON A STACK OF OLD HITS from HWIC Filmworks on Vimeo.




    I heard it around the summer but had no idea there was a video for it. Thanks for the heads up!

    I really like how they change up the beats and tempos midway.. being unpredictable is what i loved so much about them back in the day. I hope they put out a full LP with Johnny Juice!


  2. The album came out back in September, “Well Thawed Out”. It's pretty good… not a bad comeback at all. A good example of how an old school group should do it, just BE YOURSELF and don't try to update and do what the kids are doing. Doesn't mean you'll sell a million copies but you can still make good music that your core fan base will enjoy and you can probably make a living doing shows if you so choose. Son Of Bazerk should most def be able to do that, I'd imagine that their live show is probably off the chain.

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