Finally on wax- two joints you’ve heard previously right here at THAT REAL SCHITT. Paul Nice w/ Phill Most Chill “Neva Stop Diggin'” and Jorun Bombay w/ Phill Most Chill “Smash”, together on ONE 7″ piece of 45 rpm spinnin’ black gold courtesy of my favorite record label DWG. Actually black AND gold (or at least yellow) vinyl… the earliest responders will be lucky enough to cop the limited yellow vinyl pressing, all later customers can cop the black vinyl (you may have to hurry to get that one as well). Info on the record and how to order can be found here. Don’t sleep, get ya some like Melvin Sparks while they’re available. Totally an honor to work with such incredible producers as Pauly and Jo, and I hope we can do it again one of these days (I’m rhymin’ ’til they commit me to the Old Ass Rappers Nursing Home, f**k whatcha heard!).
BTW, I just thought about it… maybe when it’s all said and done I’ll be to DWG what LL Cool J was to Def Jam. Or something to that effect. Crazy, right? I need to work on my abs.


Man, do I love me some DJ Sarasa. I have never heard her actually deejay (although I’d like to), but I know all that I need to know to understand that she is the greatest of all time. Do you doubt my words? Check the pics below. Many of you may have already seen these amazing photos of her 2010 Halloween costume, but for those who haven’t, get ready to bear witness to the stuff legends are made from. I would tell you all right here and now how much I want to marry this woman and make her the Queen of THAT REAL SCHITT, but I know my wife checks up on my ass this blog from time to time, so I dare not tempt the wrath of the rolling pin (just kidding, honey). Anyway, as I said before, check the pics below and let the awe wash over you. ALL HAIL DJ SARASA.
PS: Her ATCQ costume from I guess a year earlier was bananaramas as well. How on earth will she top these in 2011??? I can’t wait.


Hey… I know I’m not doing a lot of Real Schitt posting these days, but keep checking back here every now and then anyway, I’m definitely not done with this blog. Just too busy for regular updates right now, that’s all. In the meantime and in between time, please check me out on Facebook. I haven’t been able to rock with that Twitter schitt, but I’m down with the Facebook, son. I still haven’t totally figured it out, though, so I’m not sure what URL you’d go to to request me as a friend, but you can just do a Facebook search for Phill Most and you should be able to find me pretty easily. And thanks to great help from my besty The Dynamic Hamza 21 in the comments section I now have it totally figured out and you can hit me at Facebook and request me as a friend right here. Got some things going on at the moment and much more coming, so stay tuned.