Finally on wax- two joints you’ve heard previously right here at THAT REAL SCHITT. Paul Nice w/ Phill Most Chill “Neva Stop Diggin'” and Jorun Bombay w/ Phill Most Chill “Smash”, together on ONE 7″ piece of 45 rpm spinnin’ black gold courtesy of my favorite record label DWG. Actually black AND gold (or at least yellow) vinyl… the earliest responders will be lucky enough to cop the limited yellow vinyl pressing, all later customers can cop the black vinyl (you may have to hurry to get that one as well). Info on the record and how to order can be found here. Don’t sleep, get ya some like Melvin Sparks while they’re available. Totally an honor to work with such incredible producers as Pauly and Jo, and I hope we can do it again one of these days (I’m rhymin’ ’til they commit me to the Old Ass Rappers Nursing Home, f**k whatcha heard!).
BTW, I just thought about it… maybe when it’s all said and done I’ll be to DWG what LL Cool J was to Def Jam. Or something to that effect. Crazy, right? I need to work on my abs.


  1. Yo Phill! I'm looking forward to this release!!! If you ever want to work on more real schitt type tracks, my offer is always out there to you! All you gotta do is hit me up on facebook.

    If it wasn't for your blog in August, i would have never got that opportunity to work with DWG. I am forever in debt to you man. And very greatful. real talk!

    -Jorun Bombay

  2. Jorun, let's do it homie! We can get the pre-hype started right now: PHILL MOST CHILL JORUN BOMBAY “PHILLY TO NOVA SCOTIA” LP COMING SOON!!!!! I'm down like a v-stitch Double Goose, son.

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