Shameless self promotion, I know… that’s Hip Hop, baby. The long awaited, often rumoured but yet to materialize Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” limited edition double vinyl lp on DWG is finally about to happen… June 2011 or DIE (no, I’m not gonna kill any of the Diggers With Gratitude if it comes out later than June… it’s just a figure of speech). And here is a short little promo trailer for the upcoming album. More to come concerning this project, possibly LOTS more. Please spread the word and brace for impact. PEACE.


  1. word, looking forward to this. Pisses me off that i missed the Be Intelligent EP cause I wasn't online yet, but I'll be copping this for sure. Hope the cuts from the ep get on here.

  2. The year 2011 was already great when I got the Baritone Tiplove-TAPE…been listening to it on my boombox for 3 months now. And now the PMC-album. Keep surprising me with rawness !
    I'll spread the word.

  3. Yo!! I made a dope as compilation of ol skool Philly tracks around the late 80's era and I threw on On tempo cause that shit was dope 4 sure. I can't wait to get a hold of this one since even though I'm bonafied Philly I'm not afraid to say you've been slept on homie and that's 4 real!! I was checking out your sh** and wondering why I didn't hear some of these cuts. Again On Temp was a sure shot!! Listening to your work over the years man I can't wait for this joint to drop and I wish you all the success in the world you deserve that 4 real!!!

  4. Keep us updated. The DWG newsletter still has a Damu The Fudgemonk ep that has been sold out every time I check for a PMC update. I don't want to miss out on this one.

  5. Yo, thanks to all for the comments (and thanks for still checking this blog even with all the cobwebs on it due to inactivity). Pre-orders for Phill Most Chill “All Cuts Recorded Raw” begin on MONDAY JUNE 6th- be sure to check the Diggers With Gratitude for more details at

    Thanks for the support, my people- it's appreciated.

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