Just letting those interested know where we stand as of right now: the limited edition bundle with the colored vinyl and extras is SOLD OUT (everything flew out within hours of availability…. wowww). The double black vinyl lp is still available but it too may be sold out very soon, so I would advise any and all wanting to cop the album to do so ASAP. The CDs should be around awhile longer. More info in the comments. Thanks to everyone who bought the record, your support is appreciated to the fullest!


  1. A few things about the PMC All Cuts Recorded Raw album- technically speaking the black vinyl pressing is not limited but in reality it definitely IS limited, due to the fact that the market itself is limited- meaning that once the initial pressing is sold out, if there aren't enough people ready to buy more copies then there won't be more copies pressed up. There are only so many people out there buying vinyl these days, especially obscure Hip Hop from the late 80's pressed on vinyl. DWG is not a real record label with warehouse space to store unsold product, all of their projects are designed to sell out quickly so that they can move on to the next one. So you never know, but I strongly suspect that the first pressing will be the only pressing.
    Also, this record is being put out by DWG, not me. So I have no control over the pricing and I am not selling any copies directly. DWG knows their market and what the pricing should be for an album like this, and as far as I know there have been almost no complaints. With shipping it's about $47 for just the black vinyl lp if you're located in the US (I bought a couple myself) which I know is not cheap, but again, with a project like this there's really no getting around it. Overseas shipping is what it is, the cost of doing a small run of full color gatefold lp covers is what it is, etc. Beyond that, not much more even worth saying about it- seems like we go through this stuff every time a new release comes out.
    Lasty, due to a particularly irate person being unhappy about the album's price tag and resorting to posting 7th grade-level insults about it, anonymous comments will no longer be accepted at THAT REAL SCHITT. If you want to comment you'll have to sign up with Google or whatever the hell it is you have to do. So there you go, anonymous commenter- you got the attention it seems you so desperately craved. You can keep that kind of support, I don't need it. To everybody else and all my REAL real schitters, peace and thanks.

  2. congrats phill.. copped a bundle myself and can't wait to hear it. hope there's more unreleased material from you in the future too. thank you!

  3. Nice one Phill. Great release. Copped a bundle and a black vinyl album. PMCxDWG saves hip-hop in 2011!! Peace.

  4. Got my copy today and it was everything I expected and then some. Please DO NOT WAIT 23 years to put out a followup lp haha.


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