Mad pics of the PMC ACRR bundles poppin’ up on Facebook and the DWG site, among other spots… super ill. Mr. Cratedigger, I want that fly v-stitch goose, my brother! For those that missed the bundles but still want to cop, you knew it was gonna happen- eBay is calling your name. I may have to bid on that bad boy my damn self.


  1. Whoa! 359.00=instant raer. I guess that was a bargain considering it would be worth two or three times that if it had came out in '88.

  2. Oops, I meant 355.79. Any chance they are going to press up anymore vinyl? This album is too dope to be limited in quantity, although I understand why the first run was limited.

  3. congrats on the release!
    packaging and bundle are sick…
    trailer was dope. s/o to DWG!

    alas, I was downing the NyQuil when
    the pre-orders went up.

    I've learned my lesson & won't make this mistake again!

    keep bringin' that real schitt, son!

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