My sometimes ridiculously busy schedule makes it hard for me to stay up to date on a lot of things, especially this blog. So I’m a little late with posting this, but the Fabreeze Brothers‘ (a.k.a Paul Nice and yours truly Phill Most Chill) debut 12″ on the Sure Shot! label, “Power Man & Iron Fist” b/w “Phyllis Diller” is now available for pre-orders, so act fast. The test pressings are already sold out but as of this writing there are still some of the limited edition gold vinyl pressings available (did I say act fast? Yes I did) and you should be cool with the regular black vinyl pressings, but still- need I say it again?- act fast just in case. Ill cover art provided by the uber talented Lance Pilgrim (known for his fantastic work for my man Skeme RichardsHot Peas & Butter among other things), along with incredible beats by Paul Neezy and emceeing by ya boy PMC makes the cypher complete. I’m sooooo amped up about this project… if we can pull off some of the things we are planning for the upcoming Fabreeze Brothers album it’s gonna be insane. But I’m getting ahead of myself… for now please feel free to peep the sound clips and pre-order the debut single right chere if you haven’t already. Again, my apologies for being a little slow bringing this info to THAT REAL SCHITT but you can always check me on facebook or swing by the Diggers With Gratitude forums to get the latest breaking Phill Most Chill news (and it looks like there may be a lot of it in 2012). Thanks and PEACE.