Talk about your lost classics- I’ve heard about this slug fest between microphone greats Mele Mel and Willie D from May 24th, 1992 ever since… well, not too long after May 24th, 1992. The accounts of Mel going down due to an inadvertent head butt look to be accurate but it’s hard to see, Willie might’ve snuck that sneaky left in there and tapped Mel’s jaw phantom style, like Muhammad Ali sockin’ the sh*t out of Sonny Liston with that good ol’ anchor punch that Stepin Fetchit taught him how to throw. Maybe Bushwick Bill taught Willie a similar punch? I know, I’m grasping at straws but anything’s possible. 
Well, like I said I first learned about this fight not long after it happened but I think this is my first time seeing it. For the rest of you who’ve never seen it, here ya go. You can also read the original Source magazine article about it here. To the cat who dug this footage up, if you’re out there and you have the Freddie Foxxx-administered legal azz-whuppin’s that took place at this event please post them as well when you get a minute. Every rapper talks about how they’ll f**k somebody up, but it’s always nice to see them actually do it.   


  1. This charity event was featured on a relatively popular ‘Hip Hop/dance’ music show in the U.K. Back in the day.
    The Melle Mel/Willie D bout was heavily featured but if I recall the main event was a ‘Monster’ heavyweight bout between Freddie Foxxx and somebody called Spook from True Colors ( I think).

    Still got that shit on VHS somewhere.

    • Yoooo Sent Won… Please find that tape and digitize it if you can… need that up on YouTube ASAP. Always wanted to see the Freddie Foxx part of the event. Did it show where he was calling out Tim Dog?

  2. sup Men this affair was no lie one of my best fights I promoted and I was promoting fights 10 years Me and my partner Eric King sright Don’s son put this entire thing together and Foxxx without a doubt is a stone cold Boxer Thats NO Lie Bumpy Knuckles destroyed his opponants but props to the brothers from Texas Willie D is one bad dude. But Melle Mel got rattled on a head bash cause Mel is one tough dude Melle Mel fought for me on another Celebrity Boxing show at the Taj Mahal he fought this Movie actor Frank Adamo and it was hell of a fight..The Best was I had a Hells Angel Bodyguard to the Stars Chuck Zito and Chuck no lie is a friggin Monster I put him in against another RAPPER that surprized the shit out of me Parrish from EPMD and folks it was a War…
    Zito was the dude that flattened Jean Claude VanDam up at Scores one night Parrish held his own but the brother I take my Hat off to Got to be FOXXX That dude to me welol I’d go to the Wall for him..We still talk Wish I had the footage which I taped for Pay per View and Foreign TVbut I had some little problem with …..well anyway I had to do a little time and just came upon your sheet and thought I’d give my best to some brothers I really hold in high regard
    All my Best
    Gary Braverman
    Promoter of the Rappers Boxing Federation

  3. slike 20 years ago shit time flies all the brothers out there keep it real thats it
    I never did get to thank Dre for performin in the ring on shut it down and Africa Bambatta and the Zulu Nation for being on hand and all the Black Muslims from the 116th st Mosque for that I must thank the now departed Captain Joe, what a Man he was and the Rappers that showed All TRUE Men & Foxxx he’s superBad and I care very much for that dude

    • Gary, huge thanks for dropping some knowledge on this bout as well as the other events you promoted. Wow, PMD was throwin’ joints too??? That’s something, I had no idea Parrish was nice with his hands on that level. Hope some of that lost footage is still around somewhere and turns up someday… would be great to see Foxxx in his prime knockin’ fools out! THANKS AGAIN.

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